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Infiniti cars – the success of luxury transport

It has taken the luxury brand of the Nissan group just over thirty years to make a name for itself in the world of four-wheelers.

There are car manufacturers with a long and complex history, and others such as Infiniti, which, thanks to their activity in a short time, quickly managed to win over the general public.

Quite quickly, the group’s luxury brand, Nissan, has been able to establish itself in the market as an alternative to more established brands, and in the short term it is destined to further increase its market share through a series of more affordable models.

Infiniti is a Japanese auto brand owned by Nissan Motor Company.

Since its US launch in 1989, the Infiniti brand has expanded into several other global markets. The brand is now returning to the roots that Bruce founded with a new naming system inspired by the brand’s first flagship car, the Infiniti Q45.

Cars of this brand are successfully sold all over the world. Officially, their products can be purchased in the US, Canada, Mexico, Korea, Taiwan and the Middle East. Since 2006, Infiniti cars have been available in Ukraine, Russia, and Kazakhstan. For 33 years of existence, the organization has sold more than a million cars. Most of their sales are in the US.

The English term Infiniti (actual spelling: “Infinity”) means “limitlessness” or “infinity”. It remains to be seen whether the cars of the same brand really have an infinite lifespan, but the fact is that they always provide unlimited driving pleasure and are extremely reliable. The luxury car brand strikes the perfect balance between performance, strength and respectability and is becoming increasingly popular around the world.

INFINITI Motor Company is headquartered in Yokohama, Japan. The company’s regional offices are located all over the world, including America, China and Dubai.

The huge organization has more than 2,750 employees, and its average annual income exceeds the milestone of 9 billion.

Directly the production of luxury cars is concentrated in Japan, North America and China. A unique appearance is developed by design studios in Atsugi-Shi, London, San Diego and Beijing.

Infiniti’s lineup consists of compact, mid-range, high-end and SUVs. Micro and small cars, as well as commercial vehicles, have never been part of the brand’s portfolio. The Infiniti FX Sebastian Vettel was the first special edition model to be produced in a limited edition of 150 units.

All Infiniti models are based on existing Nissan vehicles and built on the same platform – Nissan FM. But there are exceptions, for example, the QX80 SUV is based on the Nissan F-Alpha, the Q30 hatchback and the QX30 crossover are based on the third-generation Mercedes-Benz A-class platform, and the QX60 crossover is based on the Nissan D.

Infiniti is a world leader in innovative technology. The manufacturer has been equipping its models with lane departure warning systems for some time now. In 2012, the company introduced another new development: with the so-called rear collision avoidance system, obstacles can be optimally detected when reversing. Before a possible collision, the brakes are applied.

Then just two years later, Direct Adaptive Steering (DAS) was introduced. It filters out vibrations and adapts to individual preferences. In addition, Infiniti is currently developing a new platform for electric vehicles. A car based on the Q-Inspiration research model was unveiled at the 2018 Detroit Auto Show and production was scheduled to begin – presumably in China – within the next five years.

History of the logo

The competition for the best logo Infiniti, announced by the company’s leaders, was won by representatives of Lippincott Mercer. In the initial version, he represented the road that cuts the globe and tends to the endless distance, to perfection.

But just before the presentation, one of those present saw in the logo the outlines of Mount Fuji with the setting sun setting. The author of the project liked this idea, and the Infiniti emblem received a new interpretation.

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