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I’m a fat person who hates shapewear. I tried Lizzo’s new line, Yitty

(Photo: Provided by Yitty)

Speaking of shapeware, the scene is Pirates of the Caribbean: Black Pearl Curse It comes to mind when Keira Knightley faints by the side of a cliff after overtightening the corset. That’s how shapeware has always made me feel. I’m constricted, out of breath, and uncomfortable, as I want to fall from the side of the mountain rather than wearing it. So when Rizzo announced her new line of shapewear, Itti, I was naturally skeptical. Intriguing, yes. I’m also excited about my favorite pop star. But I’m skeptical.

for Almost 20 years, One shapewear brand reigned supreme: SPANX. Like Kleenex in tissue and Kraft dinner with macaroni and cheese, the term was synonymous with shapewear itself. I haven’t tried SPANX, but from an early age I knew what their products were used for. However, in 2018, Kim Kardashian’s skim appeared, and now itti of Rizzo has appeared. US $ 1.9 billion The industry has undergone a major refurbishment. Or rather, rebranding.

However, there are differences between Kardashian and Rizzo. Although the range of sizes varies, Skims (and the entire Kardashian franchise) sell fantasy that looks like a reality show star. Meanwhile, Yitty was created by a woman who was rudely fat herself and was geniusly launched in collaboration with Fabletics at the end of the Amazon Prime dance show. Watch out for the big Grrrls, Just before the release of the single “About Damn Time” and the announcement of the second stadium tour.

I love Lizzo. But she seems to have perfectly timed this release as I got used to the visible belly lines. The last thing I wanted to do was to throw away all of me and spend my junior high school days before returning to wearing shapewear. Every day I wore a tight camisole under every shirt to control the now adorable jiggle on my belly. In the meantime, they made me feel safe and protected me from ridicule. Now they make me feel contracted. It was a waste, like all the work I did to learn to love my body.

It made me think when I browsed her lines and took great pictures on Instagram showing all kinds of bodies wearing these new outfits. Shapewear may have been created to control how our body looks and appeals to men’s gaze, but these products improve body comfort in warm weather. And it has practical value, such as a better fit for your favorite clothes. Will it be regained by fat people who like to wear them? Practicality aside, who tells someone who can and cannot wear it? It’s a difficult order in a world that is still hostile to fat people.

So I tried it. Fabletics has sent three items from Yitty’s most standard product, the Nearly Naked Shaping medium compression line. This includes loungewear and a more sexy light-compressed mesh panel option. (Canada shoppers can buy Yitty. Fabletics VIP membership, It costs US $ 49.95 to wear new clothes every month. ) I opened the box and was immediately surprised at each item that seemed to shrink in the dryer. Knowing that shapewear often looks smaller than it really is, I did my best to keep my mind open.

Model wearing Lizzo's shapewear line Yitty's Nearly Naked Shaping Ultra High Waist Short

Given that the worst month of thigh rubbing is already here, the first product I chose was the “almost naked shaping ultra high waist short”. It also features thin butt-lifting details for shaping and defining, and can be worn without my favorite underwear (and much more comfortable than using an extra layer). ).

Anyone who touches even the slightest thigh knows the value of really great shorts to wear under a dress or skirt during the summer. I immediately noticed the elasticity and thickness of the material, and I’m glad to see the non-slip fabric lined up on the lining of the waistband. I’m very skeptical that this would actually be a no-roll waistband, but unfortunately I think it’s correct. I wore it in my apartment for a while and noticed that I was always pulling up my shorts to stop the band from moving. I think it was because I couldn’t get the right size. It may seem counter-intuitive, but it is highly recommended to increase the size of the shapewear.

But what I like about these shorts is that they are really undetectable under fitted clothing. One of the problems I always encounter with shorts is the lines that appear on the thighs, but these leg bands are level with the skin. With the right size, these would have been perfect. When I wore it under a fitted dress, I definitely felt “embraced”. They refined my shape in a way that didn’t change my body, but supported it — just like wearing a bra.

A woman in Yitty's Nearly Naked Shaping T backbodysuit, Lizzo's shapewear line

I love solid bodysuits, but I couldn’t find one of the thong varieties that didn’t feel like my body was split in two each time I moved. But this seems promising, with all-round compression, reinforced shoulders, three-way stitching, and an adjustable snap closure for when nature demands it.

Like the high-waisted shorts mentioned above, this bodysuit is made of the same thickness, wicking, and comfortable material. Again, it looks like it’s out of the box and made for ants, but when you slip into it (or struggle as I did), your body becomes moldy. The pressure felt comfortable. Supportive, but does not shrink. I love the concept that the under bob panel shaped the chest and the thick straps were very comfortable, but in fact I felt like it was chopped in half with a string.

A woman in Yitty's Nearly Naked Shaping T backbodysuit, Lizzo's shapewear line

I don’t know if there will be a lot of wear going forward, regardless of whether it fits properly, except that this may be another case that is too small. I don’t wear it as a bodysuit because it looks like it’s intended to be worn underneath the garment, not as a stand-alone garment. People with long torso like me should buy Yitty’s Nearly Naked Shaping Thong and Nearly Naked Shaping Midi Bra for the same effect.

A woman wearing Lizzo's shapewear line Yitty's Nearly Naked Shaping Midi Bra

I was most excited about the almost naked shaping midi bra. As someone who said goodbye to traditional bras at the beginning of the pandemic, I was looking for an option to wear on days when I needed a little more support, neither a sports bra nor a bralet. This bra has arrived.

The most comfortable of the three items I’ve tried is that they’re made of the same coolant and have a slightly lower compression ratio than the other two items (although they’re also listed as medium compression ratios). ). The wide shoulder straps are very comfortable and the smooth design of the back also means that the armpits don’t pinch or spill fat. It is cut a little longer than a conventional bra. Perfect for a B-shaped tummy with a roll under the chest.

I flew around my apartment and tested the hold and was surprised that the band remained almost in place thanks to the grip material of the no-roll band. The panels between the chests mean there are no uniboobs and it’s perfectly comfortable to wear this as a stand-alone top with a chic athleisure look … as you know, I hike the hills In my fantasy life there are my celebrity friends, Rizzo and Los Angeles.

Conclusion: I have money to make with shapeware. People still want to buy these clothes and see a particular way with their clothes. There is no doubt that the history of shapeware is a nuisance, to say the least. No one knows a fat person who does not have a complex or even traumatic history with these types of clothing. But what is left out of the conversation about shapeware is the diversity of larger people. We want, like, and hate different things. That doesn’t mean we’re not critical of the industries and products that hate ourselves and make money, but we must have more room for nuances.

But the Rizzo line I promise one thing, In her words: “This is not an invitation to change who you are, this is an opportunity to be who you are in your terms.” Maybe you are more comfortable with shapewear. It is a person who feels. Maybe you’re the one who isn’t ready to let go yet. Yitty is a comfortable alternative to uncomfortable and not oversized shapewear. As she says, “If you feel better, wear it.”

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I’m a fat person who hates shapewear. I tried Lizzo’s new line, Yitty

Source link I’m a fat person who hates shapewear. I tried Lizzo’s new line, Yitty

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