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If You Need Pest Control, Don’t Settle for Average

Perhaps there’s nothing more unsettling than opening a drawer and finding a big fat cockroach scurrying away. Find one in your home, and you know there are plenty more behind it!

Roaches aren’t the only gross pest that can infest your home during summer. Mice and rats are classic troublemakers, and the notorious bedbug will have you throwing beloved clothes into the garbage lest they contain one of those little critters.

If you need pest control, only get the best. Exterminating pests may be the last place you want to cut corners. Here’s what to look for in a pest control service.

Thorough Extermination

You don’t want an exterminator that only kills some of the pests. The best exterminators in Toronto use their own custom chemical solutions to ensure they get every single one.

Pests can always return in numbers unless their population is totally uprooted. Don’t settle for a company that uses mass-produced products found in stores. Industry leaders have their own homebrews that you need to unleash on pests for them to be gone for good.

Friendly to Pets and the Environment

It’s crucial that the chemicals used don’t cause new problems. In other words, pest control experts need to eliminate those icky unwanted guests without upsetting pets or the environment.

Don’t trust a company unless Health Canada has approved their custom chemicals. Just because they have their own solution doesn’t mean it hasn’t been vetted by a credible body!

Be ruthless to pests and friendly towards your four-legged friends and the environment in general. The best pest control companies use their specialized knowledge to exterminate pests you don’t want while being pleasant to the ones you do.

Respectful Technicians

The pest control experts you invite into your home should be as friendly and professional as the uninvited guests they’re eliminating are gross. You may feel on edge after having pests in your home, and the last thing you need is a discourteous technician who makes you feel uneasy.

People need manners when they’re in anyone’s home. In local, family-owned businesses, the owners tend to have strong personal relationships with the technicians. Look to such a company to get the friendliest technicians in your home.

Pro-Active Protection

Some homeowners don’t want to wait until they find a creepy-crawly under their sink to call for pest control. The best exterminators offer Home Protection Plans that secure your home from all manner of pests 24/7/365.

They’ll inspect the premises, looking for any pests or pest breeding grounds. After they exterminate anything and remove any pest attractants, they’ll wait a short period, then return to confirm that the pests are gone for good.

There shouldn’t be any pests left on the premises, but in the rare event that there are, they’ll do a second treatment for no charge. The only thing better than eliminating any pests is preventing them from breaching the gates in the first place.

Most people don’t have in-depth knowledge about pests, and it’d be easy to assume that exterminators offer more or less the same service. Keep the above tips in mind because if there’s ever a pest in your home, you don’t want to settle for an average company.


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