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IBATUSD price could soon break the $0.003919 supply mark

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Battle Infinity Price Prediction: IBATUSD Price May Exceed $0.003919 Supply Mark (Nov 10)
The IBATUSD pair could experience another bullish reversal price action and the price could soon prepare for another possible upside. More momentum from market buyers and current support levels If $0.002623 holds, the coin’s price could retest the previous high swing of $0.003919, which could push the $0.02000 cap and beyond.

Main level:
Resistance levels: $0.004500, $0.004600, $0.004700
Support levels: $0.002600, $0.002500, $0.002400

IBAT (USD) Long-Term Trend: Bearish (1H)
The IBATUSD pair is showing a downtrend with bearish sentiment on a long-term perspective as you can see from the chart below. The price of the coin is displayed below the two fanned out EMAs. This is because most of the inflow comes from sell traders.

Earlier today, bullish action pushed the Battle Infinity price up to a high of $0.003049, above the EMA-9, even though the hourly session started today.

The seller reversed this pattern, dropping the coin price to $0.002623. Further selling pressure will be nullified if the buyer proves to be strong and the coin price breaks above the previous high of $0.003919 trend line. On the other hand, traders who buy coins during bear trends also make profits.

On top of that, the coin market is already oversold, so another bullish cycle could happen soon. The cryptocurrency could pull back the mentioned support and start a bullish correction trend. This could break the previous high of $0.003919 which could reach the resistance level of $0.02000 in the next few days in the long-term outlook.

IBAT (USD) Short-Term Trend: Bearish (15 min)
Battle Infinity price is making a bearish move on the lower timeframe. The price is just below the moving averages. This is due to the temporary return of the seller, which may soon disappear.
Nov 10, Today's Battle Infinity Price Prediction: IBATUSD Price Could Soon Break the $0.003919 Supply Mark

The current pullback with the 15-minute chart now opening with supply at $0.002660 shows that the long traders have staged a play and are back to dominate market action. Moreover, if the bulls push further and additional selling power is hampered, the price is likely to break below his previous high of $0.003919, resulting in more gains for buyers during the day. I can.

Therefore, the IBATUSD market shows further upside potential as evidenced by the upside momentum indicator. You can certainly expect more profit and strength from your coin. The pair could grow to retest the $0.003919 resistance level and in the coming days he could extend further to $0.02000 highs on the lower timeframe.

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participate telegram A channel to stay up to date on breaking news

IBATUSD price could soon break the $0.003919 supply mark

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