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How to pack a summer carry-on travel beauty bag

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After several years of travel bans, we are ready to travel again. In fact, the rush to hit amicable skies is overwhelming, and long delays and lost luggage have become the norm for the course. Fully packed carry-on baggage is a must to avoid getting stuck without essentials at your destination (or worse, at the airport), whether you check your baggage or not. Keeping a hand-picked roster of cosmetology products, as well as spare underwear and additional outfits, is a wise idea to avoid wasting coveted self-care.

It’s easy to get caught up in pre-flight excitement and forget about our everyday routines in the process, or panic and round up a bunch of random items (are you really going to wear a foot mask during your vacation? ?). Our cosmetology packing skills can use refreshers, so we talked directly to professionals about how to pack lights, put liquid in a small 1 liter bag issued at the airport, and easily go through security. ..

1. Know what you can (and cannot) do with your carry-on baggage

According to the rules of Canadian Air Transport Security AgencyThe amount of liquids, aerosols and gels (creams, hairsprays, lip glosses, toothpastes, etc.) in carry-on baggage must be 100 ml (3.4 ounces) or less. All liquid items should fit together in a clear 1 liter resealable bag that is readily accessible when passing through security.

Make sure you know exactly what is considered a liquid before you go, as some people may surprise you. Mascara is considered a liquid, as is what is considered “diffusible”. (consultation This handy searchable list A complete summary of what is permitted in checked baggage and carry-on baggage. )

Also, keep in mind that sharp objects such as razors can be restricted. For example, disposable razors are allowed, but safety razors are not.

If you are traveling to other countries (including the United States), also check your carry-on baggage rules to make sure your bag meets your requirements.

2. Consider the itinerary

Start by listing everything you need at your destination. Don’t forget your sunscreen. Do you go for a break in the city? Is it a beach vacation? Is your trip centered around the wedding of your loved one? Your skin and hair care routines will probably not change much, but the makeup you will reach depends on the location and purpose of your trip.

When it comes to choosing which makeup to pack in her own carry-on baggage, with a Toronto make-up artist City line Cosmetology expert Tracy Piat I swear a long-lasting favorite. Her essentials may be a spot treatment concealer (the foundation occupies a lot of space in the liquid bag), a waterproof mascara that lasts for sweaty street walks and beach days, gloss and lipstick. Peart also recommends bringing a primer and loose translucent powder to help shape the makeup, especially if you’re heading to a warmer place.

It’s easy to overpack just in case, but false eyelashes, eyeshadow, and highlighters (“looks more shiny only when you’re already sweating”) are unless you know what to do. , All additional features that can be skipped. Go somewhere fancy, like a wedding reception or a festive dinner. And don’t forget to pack your sunglasses, says Peart. “If everything else fails, throw them with bold lips and call it a day.”

2. Stick to proven products

When it comes to skin care, vacation is not the time to experiment. Those perfect size sample packets of creams and lotions you’ve saved for your trip? Leave them unless you have used the products before. “I don’t know how your skin reacts to new products,” says Peart.That’s especially true as long travel days and new environments can make it more Sensitive.. The last thing you want is to get stuck in your hotel room due to an allergic reaction. “Use proven routines instead,” she advises.

What about makeup? Unless you’re an eyeshadow or cat eyeliner going home, you’re not on vacation either. Think realistically about the products you actually use every day. Remember that if you have something left at home, you can always pinch it (but I swear you won’t miss it!).

3. Accept the mini

Canadian travel writer Jessica RockheartCurrently based in Australia and a frequent flyer of mileage services, offers to look for travel-sized versions of your favorite products, such as liquids that are tightly controlled at the airport. “You can find a great product that is only 50ml in size,” she says. “It makes them much easier to pack.”

When the travel container is empty, Lockhart will replenish whatever you have at home before your next trip. You can also find a convenient set of airplane-friendly reusable containers for essentials such as shampoos and lotions. Lockhart also recommends labeling each container so that you do not confuse the conditioner with the moisturizer during preparation.

If you go for a long time, the mini may not cut it. Consider hoarding shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and toothpaste at your destination.

4. Skip the liquid

The space in that 1 liter bag is valuable, so consider replacing the liquid with a solid product if possible.there are many Waterless skin care Personal care products on the market are as good as liquid products. (Be sure to test at home a few weeks before departure.) Look for Shampoo and conditioner barSunscreen sticks, toothpaste tablets, bar soaps, facial cleansers.

Pack all non-liquid products in a separate pouch in your carry-on suitcase to help keep things tidy.

6. Plan your beauty treatment in advance

If you want to save valuable suitcase space, a little planning can help a lot. Peart likes to braid his hair before traveling so that he can skip items. “No matter what the texture of the hair, heat usually has some negative effects, such as causing curly hair,” she says. “Blade is less stressful for me.” Gel manicure and pedi also last for weeks and it’s worth considering as you can keep your manicure kit, polish and remover at home.

7. Continue hydration

Everyone knows the importance of hydration, especially when spending time in the cabin of a hygroscopic airplane. Lockhart’s Last and Most Valuable Beauty Tips: Keep your carry-on baggage with a reusable water bottle to hydrate as much as possible. This will help you overcome jet lag and keep your skin in top condition. It’s more sustainable, “you can get more water than a small plastic cup by asking the flight attendants to fill it,” she says. (Make sure it is empty before going through security and fill it up once it goes through.)

11 must-pack cosmet products for carry-on baggage

Sephora Collection Reusable Travel Container Set

Sephora Collection Reusable Travel Container Set

Put your favorite and dependable products in these five reusable containers. It also comes with its own label set, so it’s easy to tell which is shampoo and which is conditioner.

$ 16, sephora.com

Samba Mineral SPF50 Sunscreen Face Stick

Samba Mineral SPF50 Sunscreen Face Stick

Firm Sunscreen Stick, you can save space in your liquid bag. This broad spectrum mineral sunscreen is water resistant and small enough to fit in your wallet.

$ 16, well.ca

JVN Complete Hydration Set

JVN Complete Hydration Set

This mini set includes shampoo, conditioner, deep moisture mask and air dry cream. (If space is limited, save a gorgeous mask for when you go home.)

$ 24, sephora.com

Weleda Travel Skin Hood

Weleda Travel Skin Hood

This deeply moisturizing cream is a reasoned cult classic ⁠-it does it all! Ideal for dry hands, elbows and feet, it can also be used as a highlighter on the cheekbones.

$ 4, well.ca

Essence Double Trouble Waterproof Mascara

Essence Double Trouble Waterproof Mascara

This waterproof mascara double-sided brush means double the benefits. The elastomer side provides volume and the fiber side provides curl and sharpness.

$ 7, shoppersdrugmart.ca

Youth system from youth to people

Youth system from youth to people

If you’re going to leave for a while, you may want all your skincare favorites with you. This set includes everything from mini cleansers and serums to eye cream. Face oil..

$ 72, sephora.com

Smashbox Mini Photo Finish Control Mattifying Primer

Smashbox Mini Photo Finish Control Mattifying Primer

Takes the shine and makes the makeup last longer with a matte primer. Very small, only 10 ml, which injects witch hazel and salicylic acid to control the oil.

$ 18, shoppersdrugmart.ca

Hello Whitening Toothpaste Tablet

Hello Whitening Toothpaste Tablet

Discard the toothpaste tube for this small jar of whitening toothpaste tablets, formulated with natural peppermint and coconut oil. Chew one to form a paste and brush it with a toothbrush.

$ 5, amazon.ca

Charlotte Tilbury Quick & Easy 5 Minute Look

Featuring a mini eyeshadow stick, lip & cheek stick, and highlighter stick, this handy kit contains everything you need to create a gorgeous look on the go. In addition, you can choose from five shades.

$ 95, charlottetilbury.com

Burt's Bees Hydrating Facial Towel

Burt’s Bees Hydrating Facial Towel

Of course, there’s no such thing as proper double cleansing, but in a pinch (or long-haul flight), one of these works well. These soothing moisturizing wipes are made from 60% recycled cotton and are ideal for removing make-up and cleansing without the need for rinsing.

$ 11, shoppersdrugmart.ca

Malibu Sunset Stila Color Cocktail Travel Cheek, Lip and Eye Palette

Malibu Sunset Stila Color Cocktail Travel Cheek, Lip and Eye Palette

Put this slim compact in your wallet or makeup pouch so you can date right away. Includes pinky nude lips and blush, plus four eyeshadows with matte, glitter and pearl finish.

$ 36, shoppersdrugmart.ca

How to pack a summer carry-on travel beauty bag

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