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How to get followers on Instagram

As practice shows, the most difficult thing is to get the first 10,000 subscribers. The reason is simple: people are reluctant to subscribe to little-known pages. But nothing is impossible. We have put together a few tips for you to help you grow your profile from scratch within a year. Today you will learn how to help your account if you don’t just want to buy Instagram likes.

Join peer-to-peer groups

How does it work? A group of participants is recruited, after which everyone sends a link to their post. All members of the group like and comment on each other’s posts, thereby increasing the reach. When there are a lot of likes and comments under your post, it arouses the interest of other people: they want to see what is there.

To attract the target audience, join such groups on the subject of your page. To keep the attention of new subscribers, you should also subscribe to them.

This is a short-term strategy for developing a page from scratch, which will not increase sales, but increase brand trust and awareness.

Manual improvement of post statistics

If you don’t want to wait for a long time and work in vain, then you can use the help of special services such as Viplikes. There you can buy real Instagram likes quickly and inexpensively, and then forget about the problem of bad statistics.

Do not be afraid of this method, because in fact it is honest and effective. The main thing for you is to use the audience filter and select those accounts for which your content is suitable.

Ask followers to share photos of your products

It is much easier to promote a page if you have a product or service that your customers share in their profile. If you post content with your customers, it will increase your social security and credibility.

If you haven’t had clients yet, then you can reach out to a blogger that suits your niche and order a review of your product. It is better to choose bloggers who have about 5,000 subscribers. Such accounts have a much lower cost of advertising and a more engaged audience.

You can also offer collaborations. For each completed sale through a referral link, you pay a commission to the blogger.

Create a consistent style and stick to it

Often, people subscribe not because of the published content, but because of the anticipation and the ability to predict what your next post will be.

Let’s say you run a corgi page and post cute photos and videos of him every day. Users who come across your content may notice that you always have beautiful photos of your dog. They will subscribe and start following your page, waiting for new cute corgi posts.

Sticking to a single style or theme is more than a branding game. We are talking about the psychophysiological component of emotions: the expectation your subscribers create. They want and expect to see more content of the same type or style every day.


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