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How to Find Your Ideal Custom Jeweller in Toronto 

When you’re looking for an engagement ring that symbolizes your commitment to your partner and tells a unique story, it might be best to opt for a custom piece. A custom engagement ring allows you to craft the perfect ring based on your budget, style, and personal preference.

The first step to creating a custom engagement ring is finding a reputable jeweller. When you trust someone with the significant task of creating your engagement ring, they must be a good fit for you. How do you know if you’ve found the jeweller you can consider “the one?”

Find Out How Long They’ve Been in the Industry

Canada is on the list of the top five world’s largest producers of diamonds, making the region a reliable home to engagement ring sales. There are many jewellers in Toronto, but some of them possess more profound knowledge and expertise in the field than others. Although many stores may offer custom jewellery, not every business can offer the same level of care or attention to detail.

When you’re looking for a custom jeweller you can trust, it can be helpful to narrow down your options and have a conversation with them to determine who’s the best fit.

Look at their Previous Work Samples

When looking for a jeweller to create custom engagement rings in Toronto, you can evaluate their work by viewing their previous work samples. They may have photos on their website or Instagram, or live examples of custom engagement rings in their studios.

When reviewing work samples, pay attention to the finish, details, and design. Do you like their style and overall aesthetic? A jeweller’s previous work will help you decide if they are the right fit for you.

You can also discuss your vision with them and ask if they’ve created something like that before. This gives you a better sense of what you could expect if you choose them as your custom jeweller.

Ask Them if They Have Any Certifications 

Many professional jewellers have Goldsmith, Gemological or Jewellery Design certifications to be better trained to handle custom jewellery requests. When your jeweller has a special certification, you might be more open to trusting them with your engagement ring.

Although not compulsory, some jewellers may have certifications from the GIA or Canadian Gemmological Association to better understand the standards in the practice of gemology.

Read Reviews Online

According to Bright Local’s 2018 Consumer Review Survey, 73 percent of consumers trust a business based on positive reviews. Reading reviews from past clients will give you an insight into other people’s experiences with the jeweller. It can also give you a better idea of how the jeweller operates and what to expect when you visit the store.

Seek Opinions from a Friend or Family

Customer reviews from word of mouth can also be valuable in this process. Reach out to your friends or family that may have gotten engaged recently to ask about their experience with their jeweller. Even if their jeweller isn’t the right fit for you, it might still be helpful to know what you should look out for during your purchase process.

You must be comfortable with the jeweller when ordering a custom engagement ring. When you can put your faith in them, you can relax while they create the perfect ring for you or your loved one!


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