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How To Drive Safely In Winter On Dangerous Canadian Roads

Almost one-third of car accidents happen during difficult Canadian winters. 50,000 people will crash this year, but some crashes could be prevented. Canadians need to learn how to be extra careful driving in snow.

 Let’s look at some safety tips everyone should know about immediately. You can’t ignore the advice because you feel like an excellent driver. Most people who crash feel invincible whenever they’re behind the wheel.

 1. Park Safely In Your Drive

 You should get some reflective traffic cones if you park your car in the drive. If it snows pretty heavily while you’re out, it’s not safe driving onto the gravel. You could smash into an object if you don’t know it’s there.

 I know you won’t end up with serious injuries, but it could still damage your car. Maybe you’ll get a sore neck due to whiplash. You need to know where to aim the vehicle when reversing into your drive.

2. Change Your Tires In Time

 You probably know you should switch to winter tires when it gets cold, but it’s not wise to leave it too late. If you smash into bollard posts by Eagle Manufacturing because you can’t brake in time, you could get seriously hurt.

 It’s time to change your tires once the temperature drops below 45 degrees. Check the temperature in the morning if you usually drive to work. It still gets warm in winter when the sun makes an appearance.

 3. Leave Your Home Much Earlier

 It’s hard to drive carefully if you’re running late for work every morning. I bet you’re scared of getting in trouble with the boss. If you want to avoid an accident, you’ll need to leave home earlier from now on.

 Set your alarm clock 30 minutes early to ensure you get out of bed on time. Maybe you should think about going to bed a little earlier too. It’s tougher to crash into things when driving under the speed limit.

 4. Clearing Snow Off Your Car

 Ice scrapers can drive you crazy on freezing cold winter mornings. It’s not easy removing all the snow from your windows, even if your car’s warming up. Always spend a few extra minutes ensuring your windows are spotless.

 You need a clear view when driving along the road at high speed, especially when it’s still dark outside. Avoid pouring hot water on your windows to remove the ice. A sudden temperature change could damage the glass.

 5. Checking Weather Forecast

 It’s worth checking the weather forecast before you leave home in winter. Less time spent on the road means a smaller chance of getting into an accident. Sometimes it’s better to stay at home instead of going out.

 I bet you drive to certain places even though it’s not essential. You don’t need to make trips to the supermarket when it’s freezing. Most things you order online will be delivered to your home within a few days.

 A Crash Will Ruin Your Life

 Do everything possible to avoid accidents because it will ruin your life, even if you’re just left with minor injuries or a smashed car.

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