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How the experts wash your workout clothes

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Come to think of it, our favorite gym gear fabrics are pretty impressive. They can wick and stretch sweat with all our squats and downward dogs. High-tech functional fabrics are relatively new,” said the Minnesota-based laundry expert, I love doing laundry: finding joy in mundane chores Patrick Richardson. “It’s an incredibly sophisticated fabric.”

And as anyone who’s ever forgotten to empty their gym bag knows, its sleek fabric can smell a little. Facility co-owner Jennifer Lau said: fit quad.

So how do you fight off odors?First, you can actually throw your workout clothes washing machine, says Richardson. As for what settings and soap to use, two pros break down the best ways to get your gear squeaky clean.

What is the best detergent for sportswear?

“One thing everyone notices about performance wear is that it often smells awful, even after it’s been washed,” says Richardson. This is because the fabric is hydrophobic (repels water) and oleophilic (absorbs oil). Fun fact: “The sweat in your armpits, between your legs, and behind your knees is more oily than anywhere else on your body,” says Richardson.

It takes a one-two punch to get the oil out. You want to minimize residue, so he starts with a tablespoon or two of detergent, says Richardson. He recommends choosing sportswear, baby clothes, socks, or anything labeled for swimwear. Because all of these formulas are designed to wash off completely.

try granger active wash$17, MeccaAlso Ivory Snow Unscented Baby Detergent$12, amazon.ca.

Then add a tablespoon of Richardson’s magic ingredient, oxygen bleach, an enzyme that dissolves oils. Before you panic, unlike chlorine bleach, oxygen bleach is completely color-safe. ) can be found.

try Aspen Clean Oxygen Bleach Stain Remover$20, aspenclean.com.

Thinking of adding a touch of fabric softener? Richardson urges caution when it comes to his workout gear. “You don’t need anything to coat the fabric because it affects the performance of the fabric.” And, as Lau points out, “you don’t need to soften performance wear.”

Which washing machine setting should I use?

You may think cold water is fine, but you need a little heat to activate the detergent and oxygen bleach to combat odors. Richardson recommends sticking to a “warm” setting and a fast cycle. A faster cycle also means you don’t have to worry about washing everything inside out to prevent damage and buildup from repeated motions in the washing machine, says Richardson.

To protect delicate items like sports bras that have a lot of intricate detail, Lau likes to put them in mesh laundry bags. She’s “especially suited for bra cup liners,” she says. “Sometimes the foam doesn’t grow back, so take it out of your bra and make sure it’s not folded or wrinkled. [to its original shape]”

A gentle cycle may be appealing, but Richardson prefers a fast setting. Because it includes high-speed rotation, he doesn’t get his gear drenched during his workout. And that leads us to our next important tip…

Can I put my training gear in the dryer?

“Lycra should never be put in the dryer,” says Richardson. “It’ll lose some of that epic stretch.” Instead, you’ll want to hang your gear on a line or drying rack.”It dries quickly,” he adds Richardson. And follow the same no-heat rule and don’t iron your workout clothes. You can give it a quick steam if you want.

How often should I wash my workout clothes?

Both Richardson and Lau agree that performance clothing should be washed after each use. “A lot of his performance gear is meant to be worn over and over again, so it needs to be durable against wear and cleaning,” says Lau.

Taking care of your skin is more important than your clothes, says Richardson. Bacteria come to life when they get wet with sweat. ”

The good news is that performance wear can be mixed into the load with other garments that can handle almost any oxygen bleach except wool or silk.

Do I need to air dry my gear before washing?

“If something really stinks, I try to wash it the same day. I try not to leave it at the bottom of the laundry basket because it makes the rest of the laundry stink,” Lau says, adding a sports bra and base. of laundry is prioritized. Layer up on your winter run and you’ll sweat even more. But if you don’t have a place to air dry, that’s okay, says Richardson. “Oxygen bleach kills everything,” he says.

Hate the stink of that gym bag? “When you go to and from the gym, have a separate laundry bag so your sweaty clothes don’t stink the rest of your clothes,” says Lau.Mask the Smell A useful gym bag.

try Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Lemon Verbena Dryer Sheets$13, well.ca.

What should I do if my activewear still smells after washing?

A warm express cycle with oxygen bleach works great for all apparel, but if there’s something you can’t wash, Richardson has an unexpected trick. ” He recommends finding the cheapest vodka you can find, pouring it into a mist bottle, and using it in your sneakers, gym bag, and yoga mat. says. “When dry, vodka is colorless and odorless.”

How the experts wash your workout clothes

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