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How Technology Affected The Igaming Industry In Canada

Technology has affected the world on a global scale, changing the way we interact, communicate and how we spend our free time. Technologies have also helped certain industries grow to new heights, one of these industries in the Igaming sector.

In today’s article, we go over just how technology affects the Igaming industry in Canada.

AI Advancement

AI has been changing the gaming industry in 2 main ways. Firstly before AI was used to collect data, the industry would market rather broadly in hopes to catch potential players. Trying to target marketing was quite a tedious task and was quite costly before the introduction of AI technologies.

Today thanks to these tech advances marketers can now collect data from current users wagering on the site and taking note of their gaming preferences. This data is then used to offer tailored bonuses & promotions to the customer which in return helps generate more revenue with less marketing costs.

Today when you first join a Casino Online Canada one is already benefiting from the enhanced gaming experience AI has provided. AI also helps game developers utilise data collected to create games and new features based on what players are looking for. It also helps developers pinpoint the least enjoyed part of the gaming experience for gamers.

Mobile Gaming

Mobile gaming is by far the technology that has really shaped the Igaming industry. Most individuals today own a smartphone and it’s become an important tool in our day-to-day lives, that being said it’s also become one of the prime ways most of us try to unwind after a long day at work.

Mobile gaming has made accessing casinos fun much easier. Today one doesn’t need to dress fancy, travel long distances or even need to deal with judgmental looks when looking to have some wagering fun.

Mobile technologies have made gaming possible from almost anywhere as long as you have a solid internet connection to go with it.

Multiple Payment Methods

Technologies have made payment processes much easier and safer throughout time. Thanks to the help of 3rd party payment providers many of the first online gaming providers made the breakthrough they needed.

At first, when the Igaming scene was still afresh, many users did not particularly trust sending payments through the internet. Enter the history of Paypal and other 3rd party payment providers which allowed customers to no longer worry about compatible banking or getting scammed.

Today one can also make use of a new payment method through the use of blockchain and cryptocurrencies which even allow you to make payments anonymously and much safer than ever before.


As Joni Mitchell gives a rare performance with Brandi Carlile the world of technology is in some form or another constantly improving and evolving. Technologies have shaped the world of today in a number of positive ways and arguably in great favour of the Igaming industry.

It could also be said that industries such as the Igaming industry that adopt new technologies tend to grow faster than industries that do not.


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