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How surreal Lido Pimienta is on Lido TV

Colombian-Canadian musician Lido Pimienta showcases her talent on television. Her unique variety show is Lido TV.

Last year alone Cheerful multi-hyphen synthPop artist Lido Pimienta announces new A member of the York City Ballet, she has performed on stages from Portugal to Portland to the Prairie. Now the Polaris Award-winning polymath is coming to the small screen in his new CBC variety show. lido tv, premiered this month. The series is meant to act as a mechanism to deal with those feeling the weight of the world, and it takes an amusingly unorthodox format — a sunflower doll naively asks about International Women’s Day (“It’s kind of a complicated subject. Pimienta answers), a game show called Canada’s Topland AkunourEdger. Like Pimienta himself, lido tv Radiate and rage with a knowing wink.

When I first heard Pimienta’s music on NPR’s podcast over a decade ago Alt. Latino, she was a darling of the overseas festival circuit and was regularly named to blogs chronicling the vast sonic galaxy of the Latin American indie underground. Her otherworldly soprano unbridled timbre was revelatory, especially alongside what was prevalent at the time in Canada. Homogeneity of music.On her new show, Pimienta bald Existence shakes things up again.

Filled with Technicolor soundstage sets and a cast of characters, including a pair of anthropomorphic tomatoes, in addition to musical guests such as Nelly Furtado and Shad. lido tv Saturday morning television in the 1980s, especially Pee-wee’s Playhouse—that is, if Pee-wee Herman tended to favor a surrealist political education. Along the way, she gives lessons on a wide range of topics, including feminism, success, and a multi-billion dollar mineral mining operation in Columbia, Canada.

In the first episode, the famous impresario visits a record store in her hometown of Barranquilla, Colombia. This Barranquilla is one of her Caribbean port towns that has spawned an Afro-Antilian musical tradition across genres. “Places like this have been looted by people all over the world,” laments the owner. He and Pimienta summarize the cultural legacy of colonial theft and appropriation in a concise and sharp exchange.

The record store vignette, which consists of just a few minutes of the series’ debut episode, gets to the heart of Pimienta’s creative arc, especially as it evolved in dialogue with mainstream Canadian discourse. Pimienta may have won Canada’s most prestigious music award and now runs her own show on the national broadcaster, but she’s still developing a fuller picture of herself as a person and an artist. , are learning to fit in with the culture as a whole. I look forward to it. “There’s always this pressure and weight that she can’t just be an artist,” Pimienta says. “I am an immigrant and a brown, so I have to be seen as a revolutionary. I can make art about unicorns and rainbows, and it will be seen as revolutionary unicorns and rainbows.

After watching the first few episodes lido tv, I’m afraid this pressure won’t go away soon.but there that is Unicorns and rainbows, sometimes.While the show faces heavy subject matter, it also interesting. In one scene, Pimienta and Furtado strum pink guitars and she sings the ABCs while Pimienta flips through the pages of a children’s book. ABC is apple and B is baby. When they reach C, a dissonant noise disrupts their soothing voices before Pimienta reveals with a cynically maniacal face that C stands for colonialism. “You might talk about the government spending taxpayer money on something you don’t really need, but you do it as a parody of ASMR,” she says with a laugh.

The series relies on unhinged provocation to avoid the cardinal sin of didacticism. In a sketch about beauty standards, a woman ponders whether Brazilian hip lifts will last forever into the afterlife, metal interviews with Kitty in her band are the toxic online “manosphere.” It turns into a song about There’s even a young man whose erotic awakening is triggered by watching a woman churning butter, a sketch that’s sure to push the boundaries of CBC’s lewdness. “Humor can be a beautiful olive branch.” says Pimienta.

of lido tv, the quirkiness of Pimienta’s art school distorts public expectations like a funhouse mirror. is.But there is a daring destructive power there lido tv‘s hodgepodge presentation, as if someone dares to define her by the sum of her identities.For free Holding the reins to distill her own blend of whimsical, political dissLaunches content for TV viewers on behalf of CBC. “I think we’re at a crossroads in Canada, where people can finally talk enthusiastically about what’s really going on without a sugar coating,” he said. she says. “This show allows us to focus on our diverse and culturally rich world today. We want it to be a show for everyone.”

How surreal Lido Pimienta is on Lido TV

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