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How Metamask Gambling Is Decentralizing The Online Casino Industry

Over the past few years, Metamask gambling has grown in popularity. With the rise of the Web3 space and online crypto gambling, Metamask has been able to close the gap that brings both sectors closer together.

Crypto casinos are doing even more to integrate Metamask wallets on their websites for their gambling activities. By using such decentralized Web3 wallets, users of these gambling platforms can enjoy features not available in traditional online casinos.

Why Metamask Gamble is Better

One of the drawbacks of traditional casinos is the tedious signup process that is usually associated with them. However, casinos began to move towards accepting cryptocurrency deposits and withdrawals, and over time, the sign-up process became less rigorous. This is where Metamask Gamble comes into play.

Metamask is a Web3 wallet that allows users to interact directly with cryptocurrency networks. It started with the Ethereum blockchain, but has since expanded to include other blockchains such as BSC, Avalanche. It comes in the form of a browser extension and mobile his application that allows users to connect directly to her Web3 website. It is also an easy-to-use hot wallet that allows users to receive coins by simply copying the address and forwarding it to the sender.

Given this, Metamask found a natural home in the online gambling industry. The gambling website can integrate her Metamask wallet directly into its platform, allowing users to use the wallet to register or log into her website and process faster deposits and withdrawals.

best metamask casino

Metamask gambling casinos are known to offer some or all of the above integrations. In some cases, some casinos offer the option to deposit only with Metamask or use a hot wallet as an authentication method. So here are the top 3 Metamask gambling casinos to watch out for.

bit casino

Bitcasino is undoubtedly one of the best Metamask gambling casinos in existence. It offers full functionality with Metamask, making it a one-stop-shop for all things Metamask gambling. Users can register and log in to the platform using their Metamask wallet. Bitcasino takes this a step further by offering deposits and withdrawals using Metamask. A user can also use other tokens in her wallet such as USDT on the Bitcasino website.

However, players should be aware that there are things that Bitcasino does not offer in this regard, such as welcome bonuses for ETH players. The user may also be required to complete her KYC verification if the casino requires it.

Nevertheless, Bitcasino offers a wide variety of live casino games as well as the much-loved slot games. The betting platform is also one of the few crypto casinos offering eSports betting. However, users cannot bet virtual currency on games such as Crash and Dice.


BC.Game is almost the only Metamask gambling platform that supports the BSC network. This casino allows direct Metamask integration, but allows deposits. Users can also use wallets to perform authorizations on the platform. Also, unlike Bitcasino, BC.Game supports a wider range of tokens, including ETH and MATIC.

There are welcome bonuses, but no platform has a stable welcome bonus. However, users can get 1 free spin every day and win up to 1 BTC.


Third on our list is Sportsbet.io. This is a Metamask gambling platform that unlike others allows a minimum deposit of 10 USDT and offers a stable welcome bonus. Users can win up to 2000 no-wage spins worth 200 USDT.

Additionally, users can use their Metamask wallet to authorize accounts and make deposits and withdrawals. We also accept other tokens available in hot wallets such as ETH and SOC.

Like anything else, Sportsbet.io has its own drawbacks. For example, KYC verification and the fact that there is no provably fair crypto game. However, the betting platform is so popular that it is currently the main sponsor of English Premier League football club Watford FC.


Although the Metaverse gambling platform is still very new, it has already proven its worth in the online crypto gaming space. As more platforms innovate towards his Metamask gambling integration, these benefits should become more apparent to the gambling community. But for now, the platform that offers Metamask Gambling is a small pool and currently supports only a handful of tokens.

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How Metamask Gambling Is Decentralizing The Online Casino Industry

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