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Here are 7 things that could change after the US midterm elections

Midterm elections are treated like boiled broccoli on the American electoral calendar. they do not provoke much enthusiasm, decline in voter turnout than piece de resistance of the presidential election.

This is a pity.

Because the midterm elections matter. Midterm elections elect his third of the U.S. Senate, the entire House of Representatives, and thousands of state and local offices.

Their effects can last for years.

On Tuesday, the Republican Party is expected to regain some power. House of Representatives And more and more Slight favorite To regain of Senate that too.

Here are seven possible impacts of this election.

Trump’s comeback plan

A good night for Republicans could accelerate Donald Trump’s return to politics.

Former president hints at re-running. Now some US media report He wants to use the midterm elections as a stepping stone. If the Republican Party does well, he will recognize his achievements, announce his candidacy for president around November 14, and start holding campaign rallies.

Trump hints at a political comeback:

force that forms the coat

you know it abortion U.S. Supreme Court decision? If the results of the 2014 midterm elections had been different, parts of the Roe v. Wade case might have survived.

Reason: Senate check the juryWhen Republicans took power in the Senate in 2014, we also had a Democratic president.judicial confirmation historic trickle; Barack Obama is supreme court selection is ignored.

The long-term effects of courtroom rule have been dramatically highlighted this year by right-leaning decisions on abortion. gun control When climate change. Next, affirmative action When electoral control It’s in the minutes.

Democrats are racing to reverse the right-wing shift in US courts, and President Joe Biden is now appointing judges to the courts. historically fast pace Including Supreme Court judges.

for now. The Senate, led by Republican Mitch McConnell, will regain veto power over judges and significantly delay their appointments.

Abortion rights protesters in the Supreme Court last summer. The Roe v. Wade case might not have been so completely overturned had it not been for the results of the 2014 US midterm elections. . (Evelyn Hockstein/Reuters)

Democratic Agenda: Stalling?

Several bills pass in a divided Washington. It can occur in matters of public consensus, crisis, or where there is an external threat.

The parties recently agreed to a bipartisan bill aimed at: competing with Chinaand by supporting Ukraine Against Russia.

But if the Republican Party wins either House, everything will be difficult for Biden.Even the past future Ukraine The bill doesn’t seem very secure. vocal Opposition from some Republicans.

what happens to the law Democrats campaigned — their more partisan and more progressive plans? There are many synonyms for the word “” in English.death’ And they all apply here.

The record was set by Biden-era Democrats win Infrastructure, clean energy funding, drug price cuts, minor gun reforms, tech research, and more.

And that’s where things risk stalling. The Democrats’ unfinished business includes immigration reform, election reform, parental leave, universal pre-K, public health expansion, and statehood for Washington, D.C. and Puerto Rico.

With regard to immigration, theoretically, border crises or judgment It might enforce some sort of restricted bill.

But the likelihood of opposing drastic immigration reforms, such as 1986 Monumental. These are more partisan and polarized times, with immigrant attitudes at the center of the divide.

A successful bill must reflect Republican priorities. For example, Senator Joe Manchin spending reduction to reduce the national debt. Bill Clinton did just that in the Republican Congress, Balanced Budget Act of 1997.

The unfinished part of the Democratic agenda: immigration reform. Millions of people are in precarious legal positions. (Jonathan Ernst/Reuters)

Past Bills Under Attack

In fact, Democrats could be seen making a defense just to defend the bills they’ve already passed.

Republicans say the first bill they will introduce if they take power would be to stop funding the IRS. I want to strip funds Democrats urged the IRS to fill staff shortages, replace outdated equipment, and pursue tax evasion for high-income earners.

They are Trying to to roll back Prescription Drug Pricing Take control and reduce your recent green energy spending.Some want to strip funding from the FBI for an investigation into Trump.

Most of them are longshots, to say the least.

But no matter what happens on Tuesday, the president’s signature is required to pass a bill, and most types of bills in the Senate require a near two-thirds majority.

But the Republican Party has some influence. They have powerful weapons at their disposal. However, using it can be dangerous.

Republican leaders want to cancel IRS funding.

debt ceiling drama

The United States is one of the so-called developed countries. debt limit: The maximum amount of debt that can be repaid.

extended by parliament dozens of times as the United States keep piling up new debt By collecting less tax revenue than you spend.

This made for a lingering drama the last time Republicans took control of Congress and Democrats had the White House.

Republicans demanded policy concessions in exchange for repaying additional debt. Biden, who was vice president at the time, compared to terrorism — the threat of blowing up the entire economy.

Predictions about what will happen if the US defaults terrible To devastating (GDP down about 4%, 6 million unemployed, stocks down about 33%).

And here we go again: Republicans Say They will force a debt confrontation to take action in priority areas.

Trump is making fun of them.the former president who criticized during his tenure debt ceiling As something I don’t need, now I love it and urge Republicans use it Say McConnell should be impeached (Senators cannot be impeached) if he folds on this issue.

Democrats are under consideration preemptive interventionSome hope to use the so-called lame duck session to raise the debt ceiling early or adjust the rules to disarm the threat before the new Congress takes office in January.

Getting it done in the coming weeks will be a long and complicated battle, and there is no guarantee that the Democrats will ever be able to defuse this financial bomb.

Leverage the threat of US debt default and prepare for a showdown in Congress. Seen here: 2017 New York City National Debt Clock. (Shannon Stapleton/Reuters)

Who Runs American Democracy

there is election deniers or conspiracy theorists Trying to be Chief Election Officer in nearly every battleground state.

With rare exceptions like more mainstream Republicans in Ohio and Georgia, Republican candidates have tried to help Trump overthrow the 2020 election.

Election rules vary from country to country, but those elected as secretary of state set the rules, issue guidance for voting workers, and identify winners in their states.

Next week we will find out how many of these people will come to power in the 2024 vote.

The man on the right, Hunter Biden, is seen here at his father’s 2021 presidential inauguration and will be the number one target of several congressional investigations planned by Republicans if they win Congress. (Andrew Harnick/Reuters)

I-words: research.impeachment

Remember Benghazi? Democrats certainly do.a barrage A congressional investigation found that Hillary Clinton used her own private server for work emails. It haunted her presidential campaign. Last day.

If Republicans win Congress, expect a Congressional investigation into the Biden family’s business dealings.

Republicans say they will request now Financial records to investigate the foreign dealings of the president’s son, Hunter. They ask what the president knew and if he ever benefited financially.

Republicans also announced 1,050 page document Claims of FBI politicization.they say the station has changed pretending not to see To illegal business practices. They’re also going to investigate the FBI — about the Trump investigation.

Then there is impeachment. The loudest Republican backventures want to go there.they have already introduced More than a dozen impeachment resolutions Against Biden and other Cabinet members.

Republican leaders are downplaying the impeachment issue: Kevin McCarthy, likely to become the next Speaker if they win the House, has made it clear that he would rather not.

“I can’t see it right now,” McCarthy said. Said Punchbowl News. “I don’t think this country likes impeachment used for political purposes at all.”

Check if the position is preserved.

What we won’t see for a while is how the midterm elections will affect the upcoming presidential election. The investigation hurt Hillary Clinton.

But we don’t know if Biden will run again. And even if he did, he would be relieved by this: Bill Clinton, barack obama When Ronald Reagan All suffered heavy losses in Congress, but were re-elected two years later.

Here are 7 things that could change after the US midterm elections

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