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Hardscape101-Home Trend Magazine

Hardscape experts MATTHEWBLANCHE can help you unravel the mystery by finding the right quality hardscape contractors for your summer landscaping projects.

What is the notable red flag?
Reviews are a new “currency” for all businesses. You can quickly narrow your selection by reading reviews and seeing what your clients are saying and how your company is responding. Once you meet the hard scraper of your choice, there are some warning signs to watch out for.
They don’t understand your vision – The conversation should end at this point, regardless of who they are or their reputation.
Attitude / Personality / Expert – I’m not very happy. Not very passionate about their work. I’m afraid that the contractor will be in your property for a few weeks. There is no mention of neighbors and no plans for how they maintain peace with them. Defeat the rusty truck. No branding. There is no obvious investment in the company. All of these are warning signs that the contractor may not value your work or business.
Bad first impression – Be late for the meeting. Chaotic. In a hurry, in a hurry, or not very interested in your project. I forgot a sample of paving stones, a pamphlet, a copy of the contract, etc.
deposit – They are okay to take cash to lower the price. There is no contractual deposit record.


What is the difference between “soft landscape” and “hard landscape”?
Soft landscape architects handle maintenance-style tasks such as mowing, weed control, planting, and plant care. Hardscaper is a patio, retaining wall,
Fireplace, fire pit, sidewalk, swimming pool, outdoor lighting, water function. Learning the right terminology will automatically narrow down the search engine results for the right contractor.

Why is experience important when hiring a Hardscape contractor?
Many people are working on the proper construction of hardscape projects, and hiring an inexperienced hardscape contractor can cost more money and time in the future. Experienced contractors need to know what this structure needs to withstand normal use, bad weather, and other things involved when building structures that are outdoors 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Understand. Therefore, you need to ask your Hardscape contractor about the installation process, such as what to do to prevent frost, thaw movement, drainage, etc.

What questions should your Hardscape contractor be able to answer?
Hardscape contractors need to be able to provide detailed answers on various aspects of the project and the steps taken to ensure a high quality, long-term completed project. How is the excavation and sub-bass preparation done? What is used for the substrate and what is the compression process? Where do you use geotextile fabrics? What kind of joint sand do you use for hardscape construction? Do you use geogrid reinforcements for retaining walls? They can understand the vision for your space and what you need to do to ensure that your outdoor living space remains beautiful, functional and safe for years to come. must.
What do I need to sign up for?
All projects need to be outlined in the contract before work is done and money is exchanged. This covers the entire scope of the project, including permits, agreed materials (paving stone color / brand, quantity, pattern, etc.), project start time, expected completion date, and expected deposits and payments. And when should. The contract must also include a written warranty of at least 2 years.


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Hardscape101-Home Trend Magazine

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