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Greening Batshaw’s Beaconsfield Campus

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The tree planting was done in partnership with the non-profit organization GRAME and the University of Montreal West Island University Health and Social Services Center (IUHSSC).

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Georges Bourrel, Mayor of Beaconsfield, said: “The tree is considered to symbolize the evolution of the longstanding partnership between the IUHSSC and the city.

The mayor said the city’s tree canopy will also benefit from the greening of Batshaw’s grounds.

The city’s tree planting project was funded through a GRAME program called “ICI, on verdit” and a $4,600 grant from TD Canada.

Élise Légaré-Hains, Greening Coordinator at GRAME, said the planting would have a positive effect on the young people at the Batshaw Centre.

“In fact, we know that by involving young boys and girls in planting these 40 trees, they can feel involved and develop a sense of belonging to the Center,” she said. said.

Jean-François Miron, Associate Executive Director of the West Island IUHSSC, said planting trees will help raise awareness about biodiversity at the Bat Show.

“In addition to greening living spaces, this activity introduced young people to eco-friendly practices and provided an opportunity to raise awareness of the benefits of biodiversity in their environment,” he said.


Greening Batshaw’s Beaconsfield Campus

Source link Greening Batshaw’s Beaconsfield Campus

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