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Gore Mutual Transforms Personal Line Offerings to Enhance Your Brokerage Experience

The strategy sees a shift in personal product offerings, including an enhanced straight-through processing experience, an evolved service experience, stronger partnerships, an expanded risk appetite, and an insurer targeting growth in Ontario.

The broker also launched a National Operations Center with access to a team of underwriters, claims and support services with over 300 years of industry-wide experience.

Traditionally, Mutual may have been viewed as a “tight underwriter with low limits,” according to Gavin Brown-Jowett (pictured), Gore Mutual vice president of personal insurance and UW transformation. Maybe not today.

“On the movable property side, we’ve greatly expanded our appetite and given brokers the ability to write homes they didn’t write about before,” Brown-Jowett told Insurance Business.

“Beyond that, we have a limit of up to $2 million on our building, and brokers can bind it without calling us. I can do it.”

According to Brown-Jowett, insurers are focused on being “market fit” and making sure their offerings are streamlined and broker-friendly. Further developments include greater flexibility, such as seasonal rental guarantees and home and car bundle options.

Gore Mutual launched its National Operations Center in April 2021, just prior to the launch of its partnership with Guidewire.

The integrated changes empower brokers to self-serve and have immediate access to underwriting expertise for risks that may exceed their binding force.

According to Brown-Jowett, the adjustments are all about scale.

“In the past, we had a dedicated underwriter and everything was done on paper,” he said.

“The intention behind the new model is to have 50 underwriters available to any broker who calls in with a question and can provide an answer or solution.”

According to Brown-Jowett, Mutual focuses on providing first-call resolution and ensuring brokers “get the support they need.”

Broker feedback on the change has been “very good,” with particular appreciation for the speed with which we can access underwriters and Gore Mutual’s flexibility for risks that require expert review.

The message from Brown-Jowett was, “We’re trying to find a way to make this work for you. We’re trying to find a way to help you position this business for your customers.” increase.”

Gore Mutual is all about getting bigger, bolder and better

Brown-Jowett says: “We do that by enabling brokers to quote and bind policies within minutes, supporting our underwriting team as needed.”

The next steps for Gore Mutual include building commercial products, and commercial vehicles are already being revamped. Further improvements are planned across garages, fleets, and commercial properties within the small business and midmarket segments.

According to Brown-Jowett, this is effectively a “complete suite system change,” with greater market alignment across commercials.

“We are proud of our private property transformation and brokers believe that doing business with us will make a positive difference as we scale to be bigger, bolder and better than ever before. You can expect to see

To learn more about how Gore Mutual has evolved to be a “bigger, bolder, better” company, visit https://www.goremutual.ca/bigger-bolder-better/.

Gavin Brown-Jowett has over 15 years of property and casualty insurance experience. VP, Personal Lines and Underwriting As his transformation, he plays a key role in accelerating the development of new modern personal lines and small his business functions.

Gore Mutual Transforms Personal Line Offerings to Enhance Your Brokerage Experience

Source link Gore Mutual Transforms Personal Line Offerings to Enhance Your Brokerage Experience

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