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Gold 101: What You Should Know About Buying Canadian Bullion

Are you interested in buying gold in Canada? You’re in luck because Canada is one of the safest and easiest places to buy gold bullion in all its forms.

Adding gold to your investment portfolio is a great way to diversify your assets and position some of your savings to respond to the market in a way that conventional assets typically will not. It can be a savvy investment move to spread out the risks and add some unconventional assets to your savings.

How to Buy Gold in Canada

The great thing about buying gold bullion in Canada is how easy and secure it is. You can buy physical gold bullion coins or bars directly from a bullion dealer. These are investment-grade products of .999 or higher purity, and you can essentially walk into the store and buy them, or you can buy them online.

Some bullion dealers even offer free consultations for new bullion investors. These consultations can prepare you for everything you need to know, including how to buy the right product for your goals, as well as tips for storing and protecting your investments once you have them.

Royal Canadian Mint Coins

As a Canadian, you have quick and easy access to one of the most widely-recognized and easy-to-sell gold coins in the world: the Gold Maple Leaf. The Gold Maple Leaf was one of the earliest gold bullion coins made after the South African Gold Krugerrand, and the decision to make it a 99.9% pure gold coin was made to set it apart. It gave bullion investors an option to buy gold at a time when many governments had banned the import of Gold Krugerrands due to economic sanctions against South Africa.

Today’s Gold Maple Leaf is an even purer 99.99% gold, and it comes with a unique security feature known as Bullion DNA. This allows any certified dealer to quickly scan a micro-engraved security mark and radial lines stretched across the coin’s surface to verify its authenticity.

Bullion DNA is one of the most advanced anti-counterfeit measures in the world when it comes to gold bullion.

Gold Bars in Canada

The Royal Canadian Mint also makes gold bars, but unlike coins, bars do not have to be made by a national mint and can also be made by a private refiner. Some of the more well-known and trusted private refiners include:

  • PAMP Suisse
  • Valcambi Suisse
  • Provident Metals
  • Sunshine Minting

One reason to buy gold bars is that you may be able to find lower premiums than coins. The cost of producing bars is lower, as there are fewer design costs.

Why Buy Gold in Canada?

Gold is an excellent way to diversify your portfolio in the face of the risks many investors are facing right now. Inflation in Canada is rapidly rising, and stock markets are going through a difficult bear market.

Gold bullion is a well-known inflation hedge, and its prices do not tend to move in tandem with stock markets. It can be a practical way to shift your wealth out of more volatile markets and into an alternative that responds to different circumstances.

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