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GO bus service halted as operators, station workers and other employees quit their jobs

About 2,200 bus operators, station attendants and other employees went on strike, halting GO Bus service.

The job action started today at 12:01 am.

Despite the labor disruption, trains continue to run and stations are open.

Since last April, contract negotiations have been underway between the Amalgamated Transit Union (ATU) Local 1587 and Metrolinx, the local agency that manages and integrates roads and public transit in the Greater Toronto and Golden Horseshoe regions. Union members have no contract from June 1st.

In a statement issued late last night, ATU Local 1587 said it was unable to secure a contract with the employer.

ATU Local 1587 president Rob Cormier said contract negotiations had broken down, particularly over safety concerns related to hiring contract workers from outside companies.

“Negotiations fell through because Metrolinx was unable to bring a reasonable offer to the table to address one of our key issues,” he said in a statement.

“Protections against subcontracting are essential for experienced workers to operate GO Transit safely and efficiently. They may be hired for stable non-union jobs.”

Meanwhile, Metrolinx said its union had stepped away from negotiations over the weekend and refused to return to the negotiating table today.

Company spokesperson Anne-Marie Eakins said in a statement that both sides hope to reach an agreement after proposing “hardening” of 67 contracts.

She said Metrolinks appreciates the union’s concerns about safety and job security, but is taking steps to address those concerns.

“For 22 years, we have had language in our agreements to protect the job security of ATU employees,” Aikins said, adding that Metroolinx continues to be “ready to discuss ways forward” with unions.

“This long-term protection continues to protect existing staff as well as new hires joining Metrolinx.”

GO Bus passengers are advised to plan ahead and leave early.

Commuters can visit the GO Transit website and social media accounts to stay up to date on job actions.

The GO bus operator’s strike comes just three days after Ontario’s 55,000 education workers launched labor action after their union, the Civil Service Union of Canada, failed to reach a contractual agreement with the provincial government. did.

Using files from The Canadian Press.

GO bus service halted as operators, station workers and other employees quit their jobs

Source link GO bus service halted as operators, station workers and other employees quit their jobs

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