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German runner wins European Marathon with monster kick

German marathoners at the European Championships in Munich on Monday afternoon Richard Ringer Throw the finishing kick for a surprise gold medal and sprint to catch the final 200m of the marathon Mal Teferi Israel at the line to win in front of the home crowd.

BBC commentator Paula Radcliffe When Steve Crumb Teferi had even declared himself the 2022 European Marathon champion with 400m to go, but Ringer had other plans and delivered a sensational sprint finish. Watch him finish his kick in his Twitter video below and listen to the roar of the crowd.

For most of the final stage, Israel’s Teferi looked to be winning the race, but he pumped his energy as Ringer’s stride lengthened and he overtook Teferi on the inside to win by two seconds in 2:10.21. exhausted.

This is Teferi’s third marathon in 2022, and last month was his second. He placed his 11th at his 2022 Eugene World Championships with his 2:07:59, followed by his 2:06:58 at his marathon in Seville in February.

“My strength as a 5,000m runner helped me defy the heat and finish strong,” Ringer said. Athletics Weekly.

“It felt like the crowd cheered and gave us wings,” says Ringer. “It was helpful.”

This was Ringer’s second career medal at the European Championships. First medal over 5000m In 2016 (in a crazy race that led to a photo finish).

German runner wins European Marathon with monster kick

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