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Garmin’s Enduro 2: Exceptional Battery Life, Best-in-Class Features

One of the longest lasting GPS watches on the market is now in its second edition. On August 9th, Garmin announced that it has released his Enduro 2. This is a super high performance multisport GPS watch. Enhanced solar charging that provides up to 46 days in smartwatch mode and up to 150 hours in GPS mode. Lasts longer than your longest Ultra or Adventure.

Photo: Garmin

With built-in mapping, music, Garmin’s best-in-class battery life, and a growing list of performance features, the Enduro 2 is a must-have for endurance athletes.

Here are some of the new features added to Enduro 2:

Enhanced solar charging, mapping and connectivity

Designed to last longer than the Long Ultra, the 2 has 40% more battery life longer than its predecessor, Up to 150 hours in GPS mode. Enduro 2 includes Garmin’s renowned navigation features, preloaded TopoActive maps, multi-band GNSS, and quick satellite connectivity. Multi-band technology ensures excellent positioning accuracy in any environment while optimizing the watch’s battery life. Enduro 2’s built-in Wi-Fi connectivity makes it easy to load maps and download updates without a computer.

NextFork feature in Enduro 2. Photo: Garmin

TopoActive mapping and NextFork are new features that count down the distance to trails and road junctions to help you avoid going the wrong way.


Built with the finest materials for ultimate durability and comfort, the Enduro 2 features a lightweight, sleek titanium bezel and rear case, a 1.4-inch power sapphire lens, and a secure and comfortable It features an Ultrafit nylon band for a snug fit and a new touchscreen interface that complements Garmin’s traditional button controls. During the day, endurance athletes can continue trailblazing with confidence long after the sun goes down, thanks to Garmin’s brightest flashlight ever, the new LED flashlight. twice as bright Fenix ​​7X flashlightoffers an optional strobe mode that matches the runner’s cadence, or a red safety light mode that the user can see or be seen.

Visual race prediction

New to Enduro is a visual race prediction mode. Pace estimation for future runs based on your running history and overall fitness level. This trend data shows how training affects you over time and moves you closer to your personal best.

understand training

New health snapshot features include heart rate (HR), heart rate variability (HRV), pulse oximetry, respiration, and VO2 max. Enduro 2 leverages these health metrics in performance features such as Recovery Advisor and Daily Recommended Workouts to help users perform at their best provide users with the best tools for

This unique watch comes at a cost. Enduro 2 start from CAD $1,429.99 – One of Garmin’s most expensive sports watches to date, handpicked for those looking to push the boundaries of durability and performance.

Garmin’s Enduro 2: Exceptional Battery Life, Best-in-Class Features

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