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Fresh Roots ‘Make It Sow’ campaign extended through Thanksgiving, Canadian Business Journal

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Sept. 30, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Seeking to raise $75,000 to continue developing innovative youth programs, Fresh Roots Urban Farm launched its annual We are extending our Make It Sow fundraiser through October 10, 2022. Originally he was scheduled to finish on Sept. 6, but has only achieved 35% of his goal. This non-profit community organization lacks the critical funding needed to nurture and grow the organization’s highly impactful youth programs. Donations to the Fresh Roots Make it Sow campaign are https://donate-can.keela.co/fresh-roots-before-sunset-fundraiser-2022.

Alexa Pitoulis, Executive Director of Fresh Roots, said: “As people prepare to appreciate the incredible bounty our state has provided, this will make them think about the importance of food education and local production, and support Fresh Roots. We hope to inspire you to make a generous donation to the cause.”

Fresh Roots is a progressive work and leadership youth initiative focused on growing food in schoolyards in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland and helping young people build meaningful connections with the land, food, and each other. We provide training curriculum. These programs engage diverse high school youth in employment readiness and engage post-secondary and early-career youth in seasonal employment and internships.

Through Fresh Roots farm-based field trips and summer camp programs, participants gain hands-on experience in all aspects of running a social enterprise farm, including growing, sharing and selling healthy foods, conceptualizing and delivering educational programs. can be loaded. This non-profit organization is committed to recruiting young people with diverse educational backgrounds and life experiences. Fresh Roots prepares young people to develop critical confidence and leadership skills through the process of growing food for their communities. Young people who begin the program as participants continue to become mentors before challenging themselves to seasonal positions that Fresh Roots tailors for them to increase responsibility and learning.

The Make It Sow campaign is live and you can donate at Fresh Roots. Keira Donation Page.

Fresh Roots Urban Farm Society
Grow food and community! Fresh Roots he sprouted in 2009 and in 2010 he created Canada’s first schoolyard market at David Thompson Secondary School He created a farm and now in Metro Vancouver He has four farms . This non-profit organization and registered charity fosters engaging farms and programs that promote healthy eating, ecological stewardship, and community celebration. Fresh Roots uses the school farm as an outdoor, hands-on learning classroom to provide young people with opportunities for inquiry-based cross-curricular learning, volunteerism, leadership development, and vocational skills training. Fresh Roots envisions a world where everyone has access to healthy food, land and community.Click here for details freshroots.ca.

Website: freshroots.ca
Facebook: @Fresh Roots Farms
Instagram: @Fresh Roots Farms
twitter: @Fresh Roots Farms

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Fresh Roots ‘Make It Sow’ campaign extended through Thanksgiving, Canadian Business Journal

Source link Fresh Roots ‘Make It Sow’ campaign extended through Thanksgiving, Canadian Business Journal

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