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For the first time a 100-mile player beats the western state

Adam Peterman, 26, ran just a handful of Ultras, but he smashed them all completely. 2021, Mizura, Mon.Native Peterman not only ran the second fastest time in history at JFK 50 miles, but also broke. Jim WalmsleyRecorded at Speedgoat 50K. Peterman, who ran cross-country and track at the University of Colorado, joined Ultras in less than two years.

The Western States 100 is arguably the most anticipated and exciting ultra of the year, and this year’s candidate field has promised a thrilling race. Hoka-sponsored Peterman has been touted as a favorite by many, even though he has never run a 100-mile race. He started the race at a solid and restrained pace, hitting the first two aid stations in 8th place and then consistently climbing the top man.

Photo courtesy of ATRA

Peterman maintained a smooth and relaxed walk throughout the race.He pulled to 1st place ahead of 2nd place runner Hayden Hawks, Around the 70-mile mark.

“This is just the tip of the iceberg for this guy,” said the commentator. Dylan Bowman.. “There’s nothing he couldn’t accomplish in this sport.” Peterman’s important race was performed elegantly, especially for those unfamiliar with both the course and the distance. He ran the last famous lap around a high school truck with his crew by his side.

Bowman explained that Peterman has joined the ranks of Walmsley. “We can now put him in a conversation.” Peterman’s first very cheerful words when he sat down in a post-race interview were, “Oh, I’m so tired! “was. The athlete explained with some negative thoughts that he was struggling in the first part of the race. Peterman joined top candidate Arlen Glick and explained how he started chatting. Similar to the tradition of the western states, Peterman was given a shotgun shell from the shooting shot that started the race.

Peterman’s name will be the radar of everyone following the scene of the trial after his remarkable western state and 100-mile debut.

For the first time a 100-mile player beats the western state

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