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Florida high school players must disclose menstrual information

A track and field official at a Florida high school wants to know the monthly biographies of female athletes. Disclosure of medical information to school officials was a requirement for participating in cross-country, track and other high school track and field events, monthly history I’m new and worried.

Questions on the standard form that athletes must complete include when their first period started, how many weeks passed between periods, and when their last period was. Jacksonville.com reported on Tuesday. The information is reported on the athlete’s annual physical form, which must be completed by the physician and submitted to the school’s director of athletics.

Palm Beach County moved nearly all of its athlete registration forms online this year. In other words, athlete reproductive data are currently third party trackeris a software company launched in September 2021 under the name Aktivate.

Pediatricians have voiced concerns that sensitive medical information is stored in school districts and that coaches can see it. It is escalated by increasing threats to medical privacy and the recent criminalization of abortion in many states as a result of overturned Supreme Court rulings. Law vs Wade.

Human rights and health care advocates have emphasized reproductive privacy. Law vs Wade be overturned, I worry that a woman’s menstrual history will be used in the legal system if she chooses to have an abortion. That means abortion is prohibited after 15 weeks of pregnancy and her 6 days, and the state does not allow exceptions for rape or incest.

Many parents want to keep their forms offline and worry about their child’s data being leaked or sold, in accordance with parental rights over their child’s data.

Florida high school players must disclose menstrual information

Source link Florida high school players must disclose menstrual information

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