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Fantasy Game In The WePlay Academy League S5 Playoffs

With the Roobet League x Bitskins partnership, HLTV platform has announced that the Playoff of the WAL fifth edition is now live for the fantasy game. As usual, the organizer of the competition shared the latest information about the new content and skin prizes that will come for the selection of winners.

In this way, from August 8 to the 14th, you can take part in the competition and create your fantasy team to compete against other teams in the WePlay Playoffs. However, it is worth noting that this is a self-contained event and will not count any accumulated points towards the seasonal leaderboard. That said, this fantasy game has its own prizes, as will be discussed later.

If you want to play, there is no better way to do it than with the official HLTV league. Below, we leave you the recommended requirements to enjoy the WAL Playoff fantasy game. Nevertheless, we also want you to take note of the Fantasy rules before competing in the championship. They provide all the needed information concerning the skin prizes, eligibility, and winners. But we will outline the main pieces here.

What You Need to Create Your Fantasy Squad

As we have said before, from August 8, everyone can take part in the fantasy game of the WePlay Playoffs. To participate in the championship, you only need to join the official HLTV league for open fantasy games. Right after it, you can create your CS:GO fantasy squad by picking the players for each event and accumulating points.

As it can’t be otherwise: the more points you have at the end of the tournament, the higher you will be on the leaderboard among other players competing for the skin prizes. Thus, it should be of your interest to draft a good CS:GO team and maximize your points.

Bearing all this in mind, you can either rely on your intuition about which players to choose or check out the most popular picks at the moment. Anyway, we leave you the two most drafted players for this event.

The Most Popular Picks

According to csgo player rankings, Andrii Kukharskyi and Erik Gustafsson are the two clear favorites that are finding their place among the most popular drafts. Both of them have a budget price of $250,000, received by skipping the first few rounds of the Play-In Stage of the WAL. Hence, many users can take advantage of the points by choosing much safer picks.

The Playoff Bracket

Considering how the bracket will unfold is crucial to drafting a good fantasy CS:GO team. Since your initial goal for the picked players is to go as far as possible in the event, you need to be well aware of the competition’s format and current teams entering the Playoff Stage.

The list of the surviving performers who qualified for the final stretch of the WePlay Academy League edition is as follows:

  • Fnatic.R
  • Astralis.T
  • Spirit.A
  • BIG.A

They will face each other in the Upper bracket of the Playoffs this Friday, August 12. After the decisive results based on the previous confrontations, we have formed several thoughts and predictions for the upcoming matches at the WAL final stage.


BIG.A and fnatic.R finished the first two places in the Groups and guaranteed a place in the Semifinals without competing in a single elimination play-in battle. Accordingly, Spirit.A and Astralis.T joined these two top squads after dominating the Play-In qualification.

As you can see, the four teams deserve to lift the trophy of the WePlay fifth edition, even though the race doesn’t promise to be easy. We think of the German team to take first place in the tournament, especially after losing MOUZ NXT in the Grand Final of the previous season.

Fnatic.R, on the other hand, have the opportunity to reach the Semifinals after beating Astralis.T in the Upper Bracket Round 1. The British players led the Group A standings and, therefore, had a short break to rest before the Playoffs.

The Skins Prizes

And for dessert, we will leave you the skin prizes for the HLTV x Roobet fantasy league. It is also worth noting that all the skins listed below are Field-Tested (FT), ranging in float between 0.15 and 0.35. The prizes include Hydra Gloves (Rattler), AK-47 (Bloodsport), and AWP (Redline).

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