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Entering the Metaverse: What This Means For The Gambling Industry 

The Metaverse has quickly established itself as the goal of the future, amongst all tech and gaming platforms online. While the technology has still not been fully wielded by most tech industries, the possibilities are broad for what it could mean for the future of gaming and gambling to come. The actual technological side of the Metaverse is still very much evolving every day, as we speak, meaning the question of what this actually could mean and look for the future, is very much still up for debate. 

 With new casinos online being developed every single quarter of the business year, more and more platforms are seeking to integrate the most up to date Metaverse technology, as a means to stay current and remain relevant for the times today. The question of what the next big thing is in the Metaverse, has been discussed and projected by some of the biggest names in gambling, with many new concepts in the line-up for being launched. Below are some of the initial ideas that are thought to be pushed forward for the future of gambling.

 When the Metaverse was launched and spoken of, all gambling institutions of the world got excited about what that would mean for the boundaries of gambling. Undoubtedly, when it comes to combining the metaphysical with the physical reality of gambling, online casinos were pretty much at the forefront of it, with live casino initiatives. However now, it is about pushing the boundaries even more. In fact, some of the most prestigious gambling tournaments in the world are pushing their next live events over the metaverse. Meaning you can forget about travelling in and out of events, and simply just ‘tune in’ over the metaverse. 

 The championships of poker that are held in casinos over the world, are predicted to be pushing forward with virtual attendance, alongside NFT schemes using the power of blockchain technology. What this means is, not only will winners have the chance of winning large prize money pots if they win the tournament, but they can also get their hands on rare tokens materialised by the organisations of these events. These rare initiatives would mean players have the chance of investing more into the shared virtual universe of gambling. Be it as a participant, but also earning potential, should they wish to trade and sell their virtual assets that they won from tournaments.

 The Metaverse being tied into Web 3.0, will also allow gamblers to become creators and contributors to the gambling realm. What this could mean is that virtual assets and incentives can be created by them, and that they can have earning potential from such opportunities. Whether it be unique merchandise that can be created and sold through interaction in marketplaces on the metaverse, the retail and merchant experience will mimic everything in real life, if not better. Such ideas would really enhance everything in regards to gambling as we know it. From the gambling of skins to the ownership of unique in-game assets that can be distributed by both gambling facilities and gamers on the platform. 

 eSports gaming and gambling is a great representation of the future and how this could evolve further for example. Many games like Fortnite, CSGO, etc., are pushing incentives forward such as virtual tournaments for all gamers, in addition to online limited events where players can gamble and distribute rare goods that they have won, collected, and created for the purpose of entertainment on the games themselves. The realms of gambling and gambling are even more intertwined than ever before, and that is what makes the Metaverse truly exciting for the time being.

 Gambling is no longer a clock in, and out scheme. The entire experience from start to finish, will be an immersive one, where gambling products online can be invested in by anyone, with the chance for customers to capitalise on their investments, regardless of if they are an avid gambler or not. Such immersive experiences will unite casinos land-based and online together, with exclusivity and initiatives that reel in gamblers from all over the world. Borders will no longer separate the experiences that can happen. Whether you have the resources to travel to Vegas or not for example, you can pretty much log in online, and share the same experience with or without the resources. The Metaverse will really cut out limitations for many and make things all the more possible. The time is now, and gambling will never be easier. It will just be a case of waiting for the promising technology to arrive as and when it happens.  


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