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Dishes that offer a taste of Chicago

Have you ever been to Chicago? If not, what are you waiting for? Chicago is the largest city in Illinois and the third largest in the United States. This vast metropolis offers a wide range of unique experiences for tourists and locals alike: from high-quality artistic happenings to concerts, and outstanding historical and architectural experiences. No matter how long you spend here, we promise you will never get bored.

Great activities for visitors

If you’re in town, make sure to take a trip up the famous Willis Sears Tower, a 1,454-foot-tall skyscraper which is the second tallest building in North America. The tower boasts an astonishing view of the city from above through its all-glass exterior – although obviously anyone who is afraid of heights should probably think twice! Other fantastic activities for visitors to the Windy City include:

  • Navigating the Chicago River, with its unmatched viewsof the city’s architectural feats, such as Wrigley Field and the Navy Pier.
  • Visiting the Navy Pier, one of the city’s most popular tourist attractionsthanks to its abundance of public parksand family-friendly activities.
  • Taking in the Art Institute of Chicago, which hostsover 300,000 works of art and receives more than 1.5 million visitors every year.
  • Visiting the North Islandat the heart of the Chicago museum campus, which was designed by the famous architect Daniel H. Burnham. This park is open every day from 6 am to 11 pm.
  • Having a beer at the iconic Chicago Hard Rock Café, where you can enjoy a cold beer and a great vibe.

 A perfect mix

As we have seen, Chicago is not just a beautiful city but also agreat melting pot of fun, art, history, architecture, and nature.It really does have something extraordinary to offereveryone, regardless of age, tastes, hobbies and interests. All it takes is a little prior research toidentify the plan which suits you best.

Dishes that offer a taste of Chicago

Of course, Chicago is much more than the sum of its picture-perfect spots and events. This enchanting city is also a great place to enjoy delicious food.Why not take a Chicago food tour to help narrow down the wide range of gastronomic options?

 A food tour is an excursion led by a local guide,which takes participants through a range of original and local bars, markets, and restaurants,tosample the city’s typical dishes and get a better understanding ofits culture. This experience will let curious travelers get to know every corner of the town, while tasting the most delicious food the area has to offer.Food tours have become increasingly popular over the last few years, and can now be found in just about every city worldwide.

With limited time and so many options to choose from, a food tour in Chicago is a must, and well worth the time and money invested. That said, we always recommend doing some basic research before booking a tour, to make sure you enjoy every step of the journey.

No matter what kind of tour you go for, there are some typical Chicago dishes which you definitely shouldn’t leave town without trying. These include:

  • Deep Dish Pizza: unlike Italian pizza, Chicagoan pizza is cooked in a deep pan, making it look more like a pie. The ingredients are stacked in a different order too: an unbelievable amount of cheese first, followed by the other toppings. This is an unconventional pizza for sure, but you’ll be sure to love it from the very first bite.
  • Chicago Hot Dog: again, this is not your typical hot dog. Chicago dogs are typically made of beef and usually include tomatoes, sauce, onions, mustard, and peppers. Ketchup is forbidden – surprising, perhaps, but you won’t miss it!
  • Italian Beef sandwich: this incomparable delicacy is served with meat, juice and all. We know…we’re getting hungry just thinking about it too.
  • Shake Shack: While not a local establishment like the others on a typical Chicago food tour, Shake Shack is a fantastic fast food chain which is only present in a handful of US cities, and its hamburgers and fries are to die for…
  • Do-Rite Donuts: if you have a sweet tooth, check out the delicious donuts from the local Do-Rite store, in every flavor and color you can imagine. The hardest part will be choosing your favorite.

After this brief snapshot of Chicago’s tourist attractions and its excellent cuisine, you can see why the city is held in such high regard. This destinationhas it all, from natural beautyto entertaining nightlife, art events and excellent food. The only drawback is not being able to include everything you want to do in just one trip. But worry not: the solution to this problem is to visit again and again!Travelers will never get tired of the WindyCity, and you can always find something new to do, visit… or eat. Are you ready? Let’s go to Sweet Home Chicago!


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