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Dimension Algonquin Highlands Now Available For Reservations, Canadian Business Journal

TORONTO, Sept. 12, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Dimensions Algonquin Highlands, a new luxury wellness destination in Ontario, Canada, announces theAscend‘ — A self-improvement program featuring an immersive five-day retreat that combines psychedelic supportive therapy and cannabis botanical medicine, in a spectacular setting of biodiversity forests and maple soothing waters, to engage the local community. It combines the soothing qualities of , contemporary accommodation and meticulous service. lake.

“Ascend is for anyone looking to find a deeper spiritual connection, strengthen relationships, strengthen the mind-body connection, and improve their physical and emotional health,” says Official Psychology. Donald Curry, Therapist and Clinical Director of Dimensions Algonquin Highlands.

During the retreat, guests will experience holistic self-care that combines psychotherapy, wellness practices such as Reiki and acupuncture, seasonal outdoor activities, and chef-prepared plant-based meals tailored to strengthen the mind-body connection. Immerse yourself in the program. A highlight of the Ascend program is a psychedelic plant ceremony that helps guests explore new ways of seeing themselves and the world. His Algonquin Highlands, Rising in Dimension, integrates cannabis as Canada’s legal and natural psychedelic botanical medicine. Dimensions’ use of cannabis is grounded in timeless tradition and deep experience, building on the company’s recently launched international psilocybin retreats. Dimensional cannabis psychedelic ceremonies are able to bring out a sense of inner connection and a sense of awe and infinity through expert guidance, personalized intention settings, and carefully curated environments. A meaningful reset begins in a state of deep relaxation and awareness. Your Dimension Therapist will follow up with you after the retreat ends to support your integration and long-term well-being.

Dimension Algonquin Highlands Designed by DesignAgency, an internationally renowned creative studio and hospitality design specialist, it offers guests luxurious, discreet accommodations, informed by a contemporary sensibility and a connection to the natural beauty of its surroundings. I’m here. Hosts provide exceptional hospitality and personalized care. Algonquin Highlands is a three-hour drive from Toronto, Ontario, or an hour by helicopter he can fly to nearby Stanhope Municipal Airport (CND4).

Ascend is the first of five basic psychedelic assisted therapy and wellbeing retreat programs. Leadership, clinical and practitioner programs will be announced in 2023.

can now be booked at Dimension Retreat.com.

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Combining neuroscience research with plant ceremonies, therapeutic healing modalities and luxurious hospitality, Dimensions focuses on restoring health and transformative growth. Dimension Algonquin Highlands is the first retreat in our collection of spectacular natural retreats.

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Dimension Algonquin Highlands Now Available For Reservations, Canadian Business Journal

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