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Different Hair Loss Stages & How Can They be Treated

Hair loss is very common in all genders, and it can affect anyone no matter their age. There are lots of treatments out there that aim to help your hair to grow back, but it’s not always possible. In fact, it depends on what stage of loss your hair is in that determines the treatment you can get. So, keep reading and discover all the different stages of hair loss and what solutions are available.

Receding Hair Line

The first sign of hair loss that most men will notice is a receding hair line. This is where the front of the hair starts to thin or fall out at the temples. This then gives the impression that the hair is receding backwards, and it can be a real knock to their confidence. Many men will take action as soon as the notice this change and will look for the best hair transplant in Turkey to try and prevent premature balding. When it comes to a receding hair line, a hair transplant will often be the best course of action to try and make the hair appear fuller once again. A hair transplant involves moving follicles from one part of the hair to another, allowing hair to regrow in that spot once again. A receding hair line is normally one of the first places that your hair will fall out, so treating it right away can be a good preventative measure.

Thinning On Top

Next, the hair will start to thin out on top. Mainly women will notice this as the first stage of their hair loss rather than their hair lines, and it can make you feel as though you’re going bald. Again, a hair transplant is said to be the best treatment for this type of hair loss as it gives you a natural looking result that will last you a lifetime. As you still have hair follicles at the back of your head, a transplant can still be carried out and you’ll hopefully end up with a full head of hair again. A more natural treatment that has recently taken social media by storm, is the use of rosemary oil and castor oil. With the claimed ability to help your hair regrow, these oils could potentially work wonders for thinning hair as they stimulate the circulation in your scalp. Alternatively, you could seek out medication from your doctor, as there are some prescribed tablets that are said to help your hair regrow. The only problem is, is that once you stop taking it, the hair might then fall out again. A lot of these medications aren’t supposed to be taken for the long term, so you might prefer to look at other treatments that offer long-lasting effects.

Total Loss On Top

If you’re rocking a horseshoe shaped hairstyle as you’ve completely lost all your hair on top, not all is lost. A hair transplant can still be carried out as you’ve got healthy hair follicles elsewhere on your head. It may cost you a lot more though, as a larger area is needed to be filled, so it’s a good idea to bear that in mind when looking into it as an option. If you don’t want a surgical procedure, you could again ask your doctor for medication to help regrow your hair, or you could even look at getting a hair piece. Unlike wigs, hair pieces only cover the top portion of your hair and help you achieve a natural looking full head of hair. However, sometimes you might feel like it’s best to just shave it all off and rock the buzz cut as it’s much lower maintenance and won’t cost you half as much!

Complete Loss All Over

Eventually, you might end up with a complete hair loss and when it gets to this stage, a hair transplant will be out of the question. However, there is a revolutionary procedure called a Body Hair Transplant and this involves taking hair from elsewhere and implanting it into your head. Again, this will be a very expensive procedure as it’s going to take a lot of hair follicles to cover your entire head, so you need to be aware that it will set you back a fair bit. The hair is usually taken from the armpit, beard, and chest in an attempt to replicate a similar texture. If this doesn’t appeal to you, then you might need to look at all over wigs as these can give you quick and natural results. Wigs have come a long way nowadays, so you don’t have to worry about it looking obvious to passers-by. When you experience a complete loss of your hair, if it happens suddenly, you will want to speak to your doctor as there could be an underlying cause that needs attending to. However, as we reach our twilight years, a complete loss of hair is fairly normal.

Hair loss isn’t something that’s easily remedied. In fact, it can take a lot of time, money, and patience before you see results. But there are treatments out there to help you at all stages of your hair loss journey, so you never have to struggle alone. So, if you’re dealing with hair loss at any stage, make sure you check out the treatments available. You’ll be surprised at how much hair growth they can offer you!

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