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Dental Implants In Burlington: How To Find The Best Periodontist

Regular visits to a general dentist are a great way to promote good oral hygiene and health. However, some dental issues may require you to seek the assistance of a specialist. For example, if you’re suffering from mild to advanced gum disease or want a dental implant procedure, only a periodontist can help you deal with such problems.

While that’s the case, not all periodontists are the same and offer quality services. And in some cases, some may claim to diagnose your dental condition or offer to perform complex procedures like dental implant surgery without having the required skills, causing you more harm than doing you good.

That said, how can you ensure you find the best periodontist when getting dental implants in Burlington? As a good start, you can implement the following tips:

  1. Check Their Qualifications And Experience

Considering it’s your oral health that’s at stake, it’s only essential you entrust your dental concerns with a professional that have the right qualifications, certifications, licensing, and substantial experience.

To start, to attain the title of a Periodontist and be able to practice, one must complete an undergraduate degree and graduate from a dental school with a Doctor of Medical Dentistry (DMD) or Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) degree. From there, they must enroll and complete training in an American Dental Association (ADA)-accredited residency program, after which they obtain a practicing certificate. In addition to formal education, they should also pass written and oral exams to be certified.

While confirming qualifications and licensing is important to ensure you connect with a genuine periodontist, more is needed to decide on hiring them. You should take another step and check their experience level.

Undoubtedly, even a fresh periodontist graduate may have the right skills, but working with one with many years of experience may be more favorable. Since they’ve been in the dental industry longer, they’re likely to have worked on various dental cases, making them more efficient in handling your dental care and needs.

With that said, before you commit to a periodontist when getting dental implants in Burlington, know their credentials and experience level. You may visit their clinic and personally ask them questions about their training, certifications, or how many patients and dental implants they’ve previously handled. If you’re not satisfied with their answers, it may be a sign to look for another periodontist to work with. 

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  1. Ask For Recommendations

Another great way to connect with a reliable periodontist when getting dental implants is to ask for recommendations. This involves asking people you know to direct you to the best one in the region.

One of the individuals you can consider asking for referrals is your healthcare provider or general dentist. This is important since they know the history of your medical condition. This means they can be in a better position to refer you to someone in the industry who they know is the right periodontist to handle your case.

Aside from that, if you know of a family member, friend, or neighbor who has visited a periodontist recently, you can ask them about it. You can inquire from them about their experiences working with the specialist. Doing so can give you a better insight into the quality of the service you’ll likely get. Moreover, with your peers’ honest feedback, you’ll find it easier to make an informed decision when selecting the best periodontist to work with.

  1. Choose A Periodontist With Modern Technology

The technology used to deal with implants and administering dental care is evolving every second. And so, of the things you should avoid is working with a periodontist with outdated tools and equipment to conduct dental implant procedures. The best dental care provider will use the latest technology, like digital x-rays and 3D imaging, to treat you.

  1. Ask About Pricing

Periodontists within your area will vary in pricing, with some being more expensive and others reasonable. As such, talk to each professional about their pricing and payment plans. From there, you can compare and select the one that favors you.

However, be very careful when it comes to assessing pricing and the quality of services. For instance, some clinics offering low prices may not guarantee high-quality services. Likewise, some professionals who ask for high prices may end up providing sub-standard work. This is where knowing the review and feedback of previous patients comes in.


Visiting a periodontist is one of the best ways to ensure good oral health, and if you’re considering getting dental implants. But with so many in Burlington, it can be overwhelming to identify the right one. But with the strategies discussed in this article, you can be guided when finding the most suitable dental health professional to accommodate your dental needs.



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