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Delta 9 Gummy. What to Expect from Marmalade with THC?

Surely everyone has already heard about the popular cupcakes with the addition of drugs. The cannabis market has come a long way. Consumers can now find many products containing Delta 9. You will be surprised, but even spaghetti and snacks can contain THC. Sweets remain the most popular products. It can wash gummies, hard candies, gummies, or chewing gum. In this article, we will focus on one specific example of what stage of evolution THC has reached.

Relatively recently, the incredibly popular Delta 9 THC gummies have appeared on the market. This product is a psychoactive cannabinoid and has a unique effect on the consumer. Here you will learn more about this new type of drug, as well as information about the effects of these candies and their benefits. In addition, it will be useful to learn about two variations of candies with the addition of Delta 9 and Delta 8.

Features of Delta-9 Gummies

First, let’s talk about how you can use this substance. Cakes were a cool idea, but it’s much easier to eat candy and relax. What’s more, it guarantees a much more pleasant experience than smoking a regular joint. However, ingesting THC through the lungs causes a rapid effect. When we talk about chewing sweets, it is worth noting that the maximum effect can occur after a few hours.

When consuming THC in the form of food, the effect occurs no earlier than 40 minutes. However, the sensations will be much brighter than the symptoms caused by smoking. The consumer experiences a rough feeling of relaxation and a surge of positive emotions. The duration of action of the substance is much longer than the effect after smoking a joint. It has to do with how and where THC gets in. Please note that duration and effectiveness may vary.

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What Happens to the Body?

We suggest you approach the analysis of this issue from a scientific point of view. When THC is ingested through food, the liver begins to break down the substance into more potent compounds called 11-hydroxy-THC during digestion. At the time when a person smokes a joint, the amount of these compounds is about 10 times less than during digestion. This confirms the fact that eating Delta 9 with food causes a more pronounced effect than smoking a joint. This effect is possessed not only by chewing sweets but also by all other food products with this component.

Choice Between Delta 8 and Delta 9

Both components are legal and available for free sale and consumption. How do determine the right substance? Here the answer is simple. Delta 8 has a weaker effect than Delta 9. Therefore, beginners should prefer Delta 8 or Delta 9 in a small dosage. Delta 9 has a longer and more powerful effect. People notice complete relaxation, sometimes slight dizziness, and an uplifting mood.


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