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Danger! ‘Disrespectful’ Gabby Petito asked for clues

Danger! being called.

Fans of the long-running trivia series aren’t satisfied after recent episodes. Celebrity Jeopardy! referred to Gaby Petit Murder as a Contestant Clue John Michael Higgins, Will Wheaton When joel kim booster.

“In 2021,” the clue for the November 13 episode reads, “Fugitive Brian Landry ended his days in Florida’s Myackahatchie Creek area, home of these long-toothed creatures.” was written. answer? “What is a crocodile?”

The clue quickly went viral online, with fans calling it “disrespectful” and “insensitive” for mentioning the incident at all.

“Not @jeopardy celebrities using Brian Landry as an alligator clue” one viewer tweeted“That’s so disgusting and wrong. I could have used something else for the clue.”

in the meantime, another fan said This question “lost” the series.a wrote the third“Are you using Brian Landry, who murdered poor Gabby Petite, as a clue? What the hell is wrong with you? Don’t you have a soul?” I can’t believe it,” he added.

Danger! ‘Disrespectful’ Gabby Petito asked for clues

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