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Custom Packing Tape For Business: 10 Reasons You Should Use It

Custom packing tape has come a long way in the last several decades. Using custom printed tape has become increasingly popular as it makes your packaging design more distinctive and leaves a lasting impression on clients.

Furthermore, custom packing tape can help ensure the safety of your products while they are in transit. Your business can get multiple branding advantages from it. It also helps to make your goods stand out in the marketplace.

In this article, we have discussed the top ten reasons why your business should use custom packing tape and leverage all the benefits it offers.

What Is Custom Packing Tape?

Packing tape with your business logo and slogan on it turns it from a regular packing tape to a custom packing one.

That’s why custom packing tape is also known as logo tape and personalized mailing tape.

Types of Custom Packing Tape

There are multiple types of custom packing tape. Each type of tape has its own benefits. So, let’s talk about four different custom packing tapes.

1. Printed Tape

A popular type of custom tape is printed tape. We all have seen the different forms of packaging with messages like “handle with care” or “fragile”. These are the common examples of printed tape.

The benefit of printed tape is proper branding. You can also avoid wastage and secure the packaging. This can all be done with just simple printed tape. Colorful inks are used to prepare printed tapes.

The price of custom-printed tape varies. Usually, it can range between $10-$60 per meter. Thus, it is affordable, environmentally friendly, and attractive.

2. Vinyl Packaging Tape

Nowadays, vinyl packaging tape is becoming popular. Not only is it durable and adhesive, but it can also withstand more pressure and tension. On the plus side, the transparent consolidated tape will really spark up your brand logo.

Unlike printed tape, vinyl tapes are suitable for all temperatures. So, you can deliver parcels that are cold or frozen. However, the tape will be more expensive than traditional printed tapes.

3. Water-Activated Tapes

These special tapes are made out of starch-based adhesive. Whenever the tape gets enough moisture, the adhesive becomes stronger. So, it’s less sticky and easier to work with.

On the top of the tape, you will find it is made of craft paper material. So, it becomes very easy for you to print your logo in vibrant colors. But the price gets higher because of the higher quality.

4. Self-Adhesive Packaging Tape

This custom-printed packaging tape has adhesive on its roll. You just need to move the roll accordingly and cut it to the necessary proportion.

Unlike water-activated tapes, it gets sticky. Also, packaging with rolls can be difficult if measurements are inaccurate. However, as the outer layer has craft paper on it, you can have your business logo printed easily on it.

Top 10 Reasons to Use Custom Packing Tape for a Business

Custom packaging is an excellent marketing and branding opportunity for your business. It has other uses in a business as well. If you sell a product, you need excellent packaging.

You should create custom packing tape with the end-user in mind. You can easily use custom packing tape to reflect your brand colors. If you have a logo, you can use it to convey your brand’s message.

We tend to think that excellent packaging means just packing the product properly and sending it to the customers. But this is incorrect. If you can’t highlight your brand’s uniqueness, your customers won’t be impressed and may not come back to make another purchase.

So, here are the top ten reasons to use custom packing tape for your business:

1.  Ensures Safety of the Packages

Custom packaging tape can help keep your products safe throughout transit. Especially if the items are going straight to the customer, this is even more important.

Using custom-printed packing tape, you can easily see if the product has been tampered with. As a result, it’s more difficult to replicate and even more challenging to make it appear undisturbed. Because of this, the custom-printed tape helps keep the products inside the packages safe.

2. Maintains Your Product’s Branding

Using custom packing tape for your company’s branding has several benefits. As far as marketing your business, presentation is more important than content. Branding is the way to make an excellent first impression on the outside world.

Your taglines/motto, company name, and logo should be carefully designed so that they are easily connected with your business.

Thinking about the cost? Well, it isn’t going to cost your business much but it can lead to record revenue.

This is a low-cost method of spreading the word about your brand. The packing tape itself serves as a medium for promotional information.

Even with a limited marketing budget, custom packing tape is a fantastic marketing strategy. It will help to get your name out there among other small businesses.

3. Improves Customer Satisfaction

Every organization should strive to reach as close to 100 percent customer satisfaction as possible. There is no space for disappointment if you use customized packaging when it comes to consumer happiness.

Customers are less likely to return to a business if the packaging is poor, even if the product itself is excellent. It’s essential to connect with your customers by using bright colors and an eye-catching tape design.

Clients will know you appreciate them if your packing tape has a personalized message or an inspiring slogan.

Small changes like this can have a significant impact on consumer shopping habits. That, in turn, can help you grow your business by retaining customers.

4. Makes It Easier for Your Package to Be Recognized

Every day, an organization may receive shipments from various vendors. This fails to differentiate one from the other.

Suppose workers aren’t paying attention to the labels, then the packages from your business may get mixed up with others. If you want to make your packaging stand out, consider custom packing tape.

Do include a logo or name for your business so the post office will be able to identify your parcel immediately. They can efficiently deliver it to the correct recipient.

5.  Shows Professionalism

Using custom packaging tape to secure products of your company shows professionalism to your customers.

If a buyer receives a package with non-branded plastic tape, they will feel that the company is cutting corners. That’s not a very professional approach, even from a small business.

Hence, show that you are serious about your business and your customers by using branded packaging tape.

6. Cost-effective Marketing

A low-cost marketing tactic that your company might implement is custom packing tape. As a small business, you may not have a large marketing budget. In that case, using custom packaging tape can help market your business without spending money on TV commercials or billboards.

Moreover, instead of mass marketing, the custom tape for your business is reaching a targeted audience, which is another way of making your marketing efforts more cost-effective.

Your returns on marketing investment will be higher because your branded tape is in the hands of the right customers.

7. Helps to Convey the Product’s Specific Details

Let’s suppose your product is delicate and needs to be handled with great care. You can make this clear by putting special instructions on the packaging tape. Also, the consumer will be extra careful when they open the package.

You won’t need to put a printed handbook inside the box with the instructions. Printing instructions on the packaging tape will save both money and resources. As a result, you’ll save both money and paper.

8. Helps to Identify Theft

Parcel theft is inconvenient and difficult to prevent. You’ll lose money, but you’ll also ruin your company’s reputation with clients. It’s hard to determine who’s responsible when no one knows where the incident occurred.

Custom packing tape can be a lifesaver in this situation because no one but your employees will be able to use it as only they have the access. So, if there has been any theft, you can trace it back to your organization.

However, if there has been tampering after the parcel left your company and became the responsibility of the shipping agent, your custom branded tape will help you to find out. That’s because even if the container is resealed, it will not be in the same customized packaging.

Therefore, it’s vital to make sure your packaging is distinctive and customized. This will be helpful if a customer complains about the shipment.

By the way, you have a legal right to seek restitution from your shipping partner if the package arrives with different packing tape from the one it had when it left your facility.

9. Reduces Packaging Costs

Instead of using custom tape, you’d have to pay to have your boxes printed, which is an extra expense. Custom tapes are also a superb option if you don’t want to keep much inventory on hand.

All you need is simple boxes, which you can brand with the custom tapes. Printed cartons are more expensive; it’s less costly if you use custom branded tape to use on the boxes.

This method will reduce your packaging expenses significantly and further over time.

10. Increases Sales

For customers to return, custom packing tapes helps. Selling to an existing customer is far easier than trying to win a new customer. Spending a lot of money to get new customers is a bad idea. Instead, hold on to your current ones.

Ensure that the brand’s reputation is boosted by creating customer attachment to it. First impressions are essential in the world of getting repeat customers. Your customers will appreciate having something to look forward to. Create an unboxing experience that will be spoken about for years to come.

These little things can help you build a strong brand identity. You want them to be ecstatic when they receive your package! These custom designs will reinforce your efforts.

How to Make Custom Packing Tape?

Making custom packing tape is much easier than your thoughts. If you’re well known to design, you can easily design your own custom packing tape. It’s properly dependent on your personal preference and how you want to customize it for your usage.

Here we’re going to tell you some easy steps for making custom tapes for yourself or selling purposes. They are given below-

Step-1: Use any graphic designing tool for customizing designs.

Step-2: Choose A4 size paper for putting your design into it.

Step-3: Customize your favorite designs, logos, address, information, and everything you like on that page.

Step-4: Print your customized page and make it sticky for better use.


These are some easy steps to make your custom packing tape on your hand. You just need a printer and knowledge of using graphic designing tools.

The Power of Customized Packaging

It’s a common misconception that custom packaging is only available to large businesses. To offer “unique packaging,” you don’t have to sell thousands of units each year.

Everybody wants to get in on the benefits of custom packaging. A good brand does whatever is necessary to attach its name to everything they do. In the case of small enterprises, providing a personalized touch is a must.

In this regard, something as humble as custom packing tape can be a powerful tool for your business. With the right design and all your brand elements printed on the tape properly, it can add a different dimension to the packaging.

Final Words

It’s the little things that make a big difference. And we can say the same for custom packing tape for your business.

It helps to spread your brand without spending thousands of dollars on traditional advertising. Plus, it makes your products secure and theft-proof, or at least, you can trace the point of theft.

With these ten reasons to use custom packing tape for your business, you should be convinced about its utility. With some innovation and a reliable vendor, your brand will reach the right audience at the right time more efficiently.


Why is packing tape so expensive?

Packing tape is more expensive than the usual roll of sticky tape because of its unique design. Also, it leaves no residue behind when used. This is the fact that it has high-quality features. Naturally, the extra expense of packing tape results in much better performance.

Will packing tape ruin car paint?

No. Your car paint won’t be damaged if you use automotive packing tape. The adhesive is more expensive, but it doesn’t leave behind any residue. When left on for too long to the sun, any tape can harm paint. So, only leave it on for as long as is necessary for the task, and then set it off to be safe.

What tape should be used for packing boxes?

Brown packing tape is the best option for packing boxes. When it comes to your boxes, brown packing tape is durable and water-resistant. Its stickiness ensures that your boxes are securely sealed for a long period of time. To put things away, this is very relevant.


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