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CTFL Round One Summary: Bears Take the Lead in Montreal

Saturday, May 21 Canadian Athletics Federation (CTFL) hosted the first tournament of the season in Montreal. Despite delays, starter pistol malfunctions, and tornado warnings due to strong winds, the Bears led the spitfire above the standings early in the season.

Nine of the 32 athletes were represented by the Bears in Montreal this weekend. Joshua Adhemar With a 400 meter hurdle Makesha Walker With a long jump. Adhemar set a personal best time of 52.66 seconds, lowering his personal best time by 0.22 seconds. Walker was shy about PB and jumped to the season’s highest 5.25 meters.

Strong winds on the back straight reached a reading of (+5.0 m / s), making the situation difficult for sprinters and middle-distance runners. The afternoon meeting was postponed for 30 minutes due to tornado warnings and lightning in the Montreal region.

“I was delighted with the success of the first tournament and excited that all athletes were competing to represent the team,” said CTFL founder. Quinn Lines To tell. “It felt like a college atmosphere, please post at college,” Adhemar said. “There is a lot of motivation to contribute to the team.”

After the first event, Bears led 2,000 points from Spitfire. Spitfire is second, with the Arctic Circle 7,500 points above and Husky fourth. Bears, Sarah Mitten, When Stephanie Persons Among the spit fires, they are ranked 1st and 2nd in total of individual points, and have already reached the top with more than 4,000 points of the team.

CTFL is scheduled for its second season at Bob Vigars Classic in London, Ontario this Sunday.Over 50 athletes from each team compete, including the world record holder for Canada’s Beer Mile Corey Belmore For the men’s 1500m spit fire.

You can check the ranking and all the stats The official website of CTFL.

CTFL Round One Summary: Bears Take the Lead in Montreal

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