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Cryptomining Profitability | How to make money mining in 2022

Crypto mining appears to be becoming less profitable as Bitcoin tanking prices rise in 2022.

The combination of the falling Bitcoin price and the Ethereum network’s upgrade to Proof of Stake (PoS) means that cryptocurrency mining profitability has taken a double hit.

Miners typically mine the blockchain directly using their own mining equipment or pool resources into mining pools to find blocks and secure the network. Unfortunately, as the price of Bitcoin dropped, the profitability of both strategies dropped dramatically.

However, in 2022, there is one more way to make money with mining besides direct mining and mining in pools.

This new method does not require miners to invest in expensive mining equipment, nor does it require miners to educate themselves on the jargon required to join the mining pool.

Instead, this new mining method involves using mining earnings to invest in NFTs or coins that create value. The pioneer in this field is looking to launch her NFT before the protocol goes live.

In this article, we will introduce the Copium protocol and explain how to make money mining in 2022.

What is the Copium Protocol

The Copium Protocol is a cryptocurrency mining investment ecosystem that provides a simple solution for participating in passive cryptocurrency mining. The overall idea behind this project is to revolutionize cryptocurrency mining by removing all the jargon associated with cryptocurrency mining and giving you the opportunity to participate without investing in expensive mining equipment. is.

The Copium protocol is a multifaceted blockchain mining investment project. The entire ecosystem consists of the following categories:

  • copium mining
  • investor pass
  • copium coin
  • copium staking

The whole idea of ​​the ecosystem is to use the daily cryptocurrency mining earnings generated from the copium mining facility to buy copium coins from the open market and burn them. This effectively reduces supply, making it more scarce and valuable.

Let’s discuss each part of this ecosystem and how they fit together.

copium mining facility

The entire Copium protocol is based on Copium Mining, an established cryptocurrency mining company. The company owns several mining facilities around the world. However, the largest facility is located in Otago, New Zealand.

The mining facility is temperature controlled and powered by a surplus supply of 100% clean and green renewable energy, making it unique.

Cryptocurrency mining usually gets bad press due to the enormous amount of energy required to power blockchain technology. As a result, most mining operations tend to gravitate toward cheaper electricity rates, often derived from polluting fossil fuels.

Luckily, Copium Protocol’s mining facility is powered entirely by hydroelectric power generated at the foothills of New Zealand’s Southern Alps, so Copium Protocol won’t receive any negative press. Hydropower allows Copium Mining to operate a highly efficient, profitable and low-cost business model.

investor pass

The initial launch phase of the Copium Protocol will begin with the release of the Copium Protocol Investor Pass. This is his collection of 10,000 NFTs that will be created on the Ethereum network in early to mid-October.

Copium Protocol Investor Pass holders receive the following benefits:

  • Exclusive Copium Coin Airdrop –

This native ERC-20 token will power the ecosystem. In total, all Investor Passes are entitled to an airdrop of 10,000 Copium Coins.

  • Ability to stake passes on the platform in exchange for a daily allocation of Copium coins –

Every investor pass staked on the platform will be allocated 10 Copium coins daily.

  • Ability to stake Copium Coin holdings with a much higher ROI than the public staking rate –

The highest possible public staking rate is set at 11% with a 24-month lockup period. By comparison, the minimum staking rate for Investor Pass holders is 12% with a 30-day lockup period.

  • Automatic entry into the monthly Copium Protocol Giveaway –

Copium Protocol regularly hosts monthly giveaways and all Investor Pass NFT holders are automatically entered.

In addition to all these perks, all Copium Protocol Investor Pass holders will participate in a drawing to win one of two Bitcoin giveaways.

Investor Pass NFTs will be sold at Dutch auctions via copyiumprotocol.io. NFT starting price is 3.5 ETH. However, the first 2000 people who register through the project website will receive a guaranteed mint spot at a fixed price of 3 ETH.

copium coin

Copium Coin is a native ERC-20 token that powers the Copium protocol. The coin will be released to the public at the same time as the investor pass. However, a pre-sale of Copium coins will run for 60 days prior to launch to generate the first batch of initial liquidity. The presale price is $0.10 per coin.

A total of 1 billion Copium coins will be supplied, divided into the following categories:

  • 10% will be used in the first airdrop for Investor Pass NFT holders.
  • 10% will be used for development funds.
  • 3% will be used in the reward pool to provide rewards for staked investor paths.
  • Project founders get 10%.
  • 3% will be used in the liquidity pool.
  • 7% goes to the project team.
  • 5% (soft cap) to 5% (hard cap) is used in the presale.
  • The remaining 46% will be used for total allocation.

staking platform

The Copium Protocol team will implement the Copium staking platform after successfully launching the Copium Protocol Investor Pass.

The Copium Staking Platform will be a key pillar of the entire ecosystem, allowing Copium coin holders to stake their tokens over different lock and unlock periods. In return, stakers generate a high APY percentage return on their investment. Furthermore, the longer the lockup period, the higher interest rate the staker will receive on the platform.

The staking platform is non-administrative. This means that stakers always retain ownership of their assets. Their wallets will be credited with interest accrued after the staking contract expires. If a user wishes to cancel a locked staking contract before the expiration date, he/she will lose accrued interest for the entire term of the staking contract.

The staking platform has various interactive features that allow users to:

  • Customize your personal stake settings.
  • Predict future returns.
  • Shows your current Copium coin holdings.
  • View the expiration date of the current contract.

Investor Pass NFT holders receive special rates on the Copium Staking Platform. The minimum Investor Pass holding rate is still higher than the maximum achievable public staking rate. To illustrate this, look at the following table.

As you can see, the rates for Investor Pass holders offer much higher APY returns than those for public staking. Therefore, if you want to maximize the return on your staking investment, owning an Investor Pass is essential to ensure this end.

Additionally, Investor Pass holders will also receive a one-time initial stake percentage of 38% when they lock their stake for 36 months. To secure this high APY, Investor Pass holders must wager a minimum of 10,000 Copium coins.

How harmonious are ecosystems?

The following flowchart shows how the ecosystem works.

It’s time to explain how these separate parts of the ecosystem fit together.

The entire ecosystem relies on the Copium Mining Facility to mine cryptocurrencies on a daily basis. Proceeds from the sale of Copium Protocol Investor Pass NFTs will be used to upgrade the equipment and infrastructure of the Copium mining facility.

Copium Mining has a long and successful track record in cryptocurrency mining and is highly regarded in the New Zealand cryptocurrency industry. The facility has already established some strong business connections and funds from the sale of Investor Passes can be used to purchase the latest generation of cryptocurrency miners in bulk.

Once your mining facility is upgraded, the daily cryptocurrency mining earnings generated from your facility will be used to purchase Copium Coins from the open market. This will bring sustained demand and constant liquidity to the Copium coin.

Purchased Copium coins will be sent to your burn address and removed from the supply. As a result, the Copium coin will become a deflationary token that will become scarcer over time.


Overall, the Copium protocol offers a perfect solution for making money mining in 2022 without requiring users to pay a large down payment for expensive mining equipment.

You can profit from this project simply by purchasing an Investor Pass for the Copium protocol. The Investor Pass offers a Copium Coin Airdrop of 10,000 tokens and a daily quota of 10 Copium Coins. Copium coins can then be staked on staking platforms to generate further returns.

Access the Copium Protocol Now

Cryptomining Profitability | How to make money mining in 2022

Source link Cryptomining Profitability | How to make money mining in 2022

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