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Courtney Dauwalter sets a great FKT in Colorado

This week, the two-time UTMB Champion and ultra running magazine Three-time Ultrarunner of the Year courtney dowalter Setting a new Fastest Known Time (FKT) of 40 hours 14 minutes on the 160-mile (257-kilometer) College Eight Loop trail in Colorado, 20 hours shorter than the previously supported FKT.

In 2021, Dowalter set the UTMB women’s course record of 22:30:54. Photo: UTMB

of College Eight Loop Trail Formed by the Colorado Trail’s East College-Eight and West College-Eight Peak options, it features an elevation gain of over 10,000m. Dowalter ran the loop counterclockwise starting and ending in Twin Lakes, Colorado.

Dowwalter enlisted to run several sections, traveling with a crew who would meet her at the crosswalk and provide refreshments and “jokes”. The beginning of the trail is just her hour and a half from Dow Walter’s home in Golden, Colorado.

Previous supported records for women and men on the Collegiate Loop Trail were Annie Hughes in 61 hours 19 minutes Nick Pedatela 46 hours and 48 minutes.

“I’ve been craving a few days of effort all summer long, waiting for my legs, brain, heart, and weather to say ‘GO!

courtney dawalter watches
Dauwalter set a new FKT of 40 hours and 14 minutes on 166 miles of trail.Photo: fastest known time

Dauwalter has decided not to run the UTMB this season win hard rock 100 people for the first time in early July.

Despite holding women’s course records at UTMB, Hard Rock 100 and Moab 240, this is Dauwalter’s first FKT.

Courtney Dauwalter sets a great FKT in Colorado

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