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Cottage Living 101-Home Trend Magazine

Our experts share some of their best advice for the best summer ever!

Jennifer Defrenza

With summer approaching, you can take a boat, motorcycle, ATV, or trailer whether you’re planning on spending time on a cottage, trail, or beach.Being able to use these
Great summer “toys” give Canadians the opportunity to take their long weekends and cottage vacations to another level of fun. Want to save on insurance this summer? Try the following tips.

Increase the deduction amount Increasing the deduction is a proven way to save monthly / year insurance (be prepared to pay more if you apply)

Do your research You shouldn’t stick to the first quote you get! Always shop to find the best deals on coverage.

Stay complaint-free Please be safe and do your best not to be involved in an accident. This may help maintain a complaint-free state and save coverage.

If you’re considering switching providers, or just have a question you want to answer, you can count on Surex.


Kevin Brightner

Do I need to buy a cottage and rent it on AirBnB? This is a frequently asked question and I answer “Let’s chat about it”. Discuss what is important to you now and in the future. The next question is, “Are you planning to enjoy the cottage for more than a few weeks a year?” Want someone else to help you with your invoice? If so, this may make sense to you. Owning a cottage and running an AirBnB business can be a daunting task, and professionals are always there to help. But you need to decide whether you want to enjoy your cottage or turn it into an income-generating cottage. As a real estate broker and investment specialist, we can “chat” with you.


Michael Bobra
Vintage wood crafter

Hand-fusing refers to the traditional process of converting logs into timber. In front of the sawmill, an ax or adze was used to square the wooden beams for the wooden frame. This process takes longer than the latest options, but it creates a truly unique and unique piece that can be fully customized to suit your needs. These stunning beams and exterior trim give the cottage a rustic feel that’s perfect for interior and exterior, adding stunning architectural details that withstand the challenges of time!

In addition to beams and trim, you can cut by hand to create stunning deck posts, fireplace mantels, and shelves. Combining hand-carved rustic and traditional looks with luxurious and modern finishes, you can create a stunning, unique look for your home!


Tyler Wilson
Pilot Mortgage Group

Many Canadians dream of owning their own villa. Lake cottage. Condominiums in the city. A hut in the mountains.

Regardless of the taste of your home away from home, the question remains, how can you make it happen? With real estate prices rising across Canada, the idea of ​​owning a villa or cottage is beginning to feel unattainable to many.

Fortunately, it could be much more achievable today than you might think. Holiday homes in Canada can often be funded with just 5% down. This corresponds to what is called an insured mortgage in Canada, for clients who currently own their own home but do not have sufficient resources to pay a large down payment for the second real estate 2 You can open the door to the second real estate.

If you are a Canadian who owns a primary home and an equity built inside the home, either through a rise in the real estate market or the repayment of your first mortgage, you can refinance your existing home and get a much larger down payment. You can also.

With many online options for renting your property when you are not using it yourself, many that can cover the cost of this second home with a night rent for a month or two There are people. So the question remains, what are you waiting for?


Brett Baumann
Solar YYC

With rising energy costs, residential solar systems have received explosive interest in recent years. Electricity prices are skyrocketing and will continue to rise. Moving to solar offers great options for managing these rising costs.

It’s a common misconception among homeowners that the sun isn’t a worthwhile investment in winter in Canada, but one of the main benefits of the northern climate is that summer days are incredibly long and sometimes There is more than just to make up for the miserable winter.

Are you thinking of solar? Combining good performance with generous government grants (and decades of warranty), solar is a great way for homeowners to secure their monthly expenses and generate passive income.


Camden holder
Tighten with a wrench

Your vacation may be postponed if you have to deal with plumbing issues in your summer home. Inadequate plumbing installation can cause clogging of plumbing, freezing of plumbing systems and pipes with the smell of sewerage, and eventually rupture, causing floods and other irreparable damage. There is sex. Leaks and slow drainage of pipes are common problems that need to be noted when water is not available all year round. If you use well water, you also need a proper water filtration system and you need to know how to maintain it. To avoid these problems, hire a licensed plumber to complete the plumbing work for your property. Make sure you keep your property warm and deal with small issues while they are small.


Art metal
Workshop Co., Ltd.

Railings are an important part of exterior structures such as decks, pouches and walkouts, and are often slippery and unsafe in winter. Metal / glass rails are useful if you don’t want bulky things in a small space, or if you don’t want to block your view. On the other hand, there are many privacy screen and wall options to help you maintain your privacy when you enjoy “your time” on warm summer nights. When building a new outdoor living space, you don’t have to consider just the railings. They can also be game changers when talking about space updates. Simply repaint the stairs or replace the treads and change the railings and you’ll be amazed at how the old dull stairs change!


Michelle Thirney,
Ambassador Fine Custom Homes

Like luxury homes, luxury cottages and villas often have more special features than you would expect from a second home.

Custom outdoor living space The kitchen is the center of every house, and in the cottage, the outdoor kitchen is the king! When designing a luxurious villa, consider creating stunning and highly functional living spaces both indoors and outdoors, including well-kept paths, complete outdoor kitchens, lounge areas, pools, hot tubs, and saunas. doing.

Entertaining Space Luxury villas are generally designed to show off and include space to welcome a large number of guests! This may mean that the house itself has additional bedrooms and bathrooms. Often a guesthouse or boathouse with guest suites is part of the plan.

From well-connected state-of-the-art electronics to advanced plumbing and electrical features, luxury villas are designed to provide all the conveniences of a home. Smart home features, automatic lighting, security systems and other state-of-the-art equipment are standard equipment.

Shane Kinch
Steelhead Ventures

When choosing a cottage water tank, it is important to know the difference between drinking and non-drinking options. Drinking water tanks are approved for safe storage and are suitable for storing drinking water. Non-drinking tanks are not safe to drink, but can be used for rainwater harvesting, reclaimed water storage, etc.

It is important to ensure that your drinking water storage tank is properly maintained, including cleaning and disinfection twice a year to remove algae, deposits and harmful bacteria. For short-term seasonal use, rentals may have fewer maintenance options.

Molly Maid

Cottage owners often can’t wait to open a cottage in the spring, but there’s a lot to do. Here is a thorough checklist to guide you from spring chores to summer snoring.

Drive-in: Bring cleaning supplies such as garbage bags. Plan a quick and easy meal on the night of arrival. Make a note of the new holes that need to be fixed in the alleys of the cottage.

External inspection: A walk-around visual inspection is performed. Look for damage from weather and pests. Check the roof for missing / loose or sagging shingles. Visually inspect the power lines leading to the cottage and report any damage.

Internal inspection: A walk-around visual inspection is performed indoors. Look for leaks and other damage, as well as signs of the mouse. Open the window and let the air out. Get Things Going: Turn on the power. Check the appliance. Make sure they are working and clean them if necessary. Add water. Make sure the toilet and faucet are in good condition.

Cleaning time: Clean the entire cottage. Start by dusting everywhere with a damp cloth. Vacuum cleaner floor and floor covering. Disinfect the surface of the kitchen and bathroom. Check all drawers and cupboards in the kitchen and clean all contents if necessary. Wash windows and mirrors.

For safety: Test smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Replace the battery. Check the expiration date of the fire extinguisher – replace if necessary. Check the fireplace – if you need to clean the chimney, call and schedule.

End of day: Make a bed. Place the towel in the bathroom.

Day 2: Get rid of the deadlock in your property. Clean the valley of the eaves of winter debris. Clean the barbecue. Wash and set up outdoor furniture.

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Cottage Living 101-Home Trend Magazine

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