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Christina Aguilera working on documentary directed by ‘Val’

To Corey Atad.

Christina Aguilera will be the next pop star to be the subject of a documentary.

deadline reports that ‘Val’ co-director Tin Phu will direct a new documentary about the ‘Genie in a Bottle’ singer.

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The artist is reportedly involved in the film, offering “unprecedented access” to her life story, including opening her archives to the filmmaking team.

This documentary explores Aguilera’s life from her early days as a teenage Disney star, through her massive mainstream breakthrough, to the present day, including never-before-seen footage. is drawing

The filmmakers have already been working on the film for 18 months to capture Aguilera’s performance and everyday life.

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“Christina Aguilera is one of the most iconic artists of our time and her music has inspired millions around the world.” I’m really honored to be able to tell the story because I know it’s just as inspiring.”

Pooh’s previous film, Val, which he co-directed with Leo Scott, used archival footage to tell the life of actor Val Kilmer.

Christina Aguilera working on documentary directed by ‘Val’

Source link Christina Aguilera working on documentary directed by ‘Val’

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