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Chris Evans is dating actress Alba Baptista

We have an amazing new love story.

Chris Evans Spotted holding hands with Portuguese actress Alba Baptistaafter multiple outlets reported that the pair had been dating for over a year.

As seen in the photo obtained by 6 pagesthe couple was photographed wearing red leggings and sneakers during a casual outing together in New York City on Nov. 10. did.

Alba, 25, is starring in projects like the 2022 movie Mrs Harris goes to Paris and tv series nun warriorbegan streaming on Netflix in 2020.

An update on Chris’ romantic life arrives four months later. light year The actor declared that he was on a mission to find his special someone.

“[I’m] I’m focused on finding a partner I want to live with,” he said. Shondaland in July. “I mean, look, I love my job. It’s great. , hesitation, full of pockets of readjustment.I can really pour my all into it.”

Chris Evans is dating actress Alba Baptista

Source link Chris Evans is dating actress Alba Baptista

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