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Casino Zeus Shows Canadian Gamblers How to Separate Water from Wine

Here is some good news for Canadians who are interested in learning more about the inner workings of any internet casino. You probably will already know who Olexiy Ivanov is if you are acquainted with the field of online casinos. 

He runs the renowned and highly regarded gambling resource casinozeus.net. Much like Zeus, who from his perch atop Mount Olympus could see the entire universe, Olexiy has a bird’s-eye view of the online gambling industry.

Canadian law strictly prohibits any type of gambling, but enterprising locals have always found methods to circumvent this rule. Legality depends on the jurisdiction in which the casino is located, the presence of a valid operating licence, and the casino’s availability via the internet.

It’s in the province’s best interest to change the public’s perception of gambling this way. “Lottery systems” have been made legal in some self-governing territories, paving the way for the construction of both land-based and virtual casinos. 

If you’re a gambler and enjoy gambling at a casino online in Canada, you’re probably not aware of all these restrictions and exceptions. You shouldn’t trust just any casino with your personal information. Not exactly a warm and fuzzy thought, is it? In a word, no. This is why the experts at Casino Zeus are dedicated to assisting Canadians in locating legitimate online casinos in Canada.

The Top 5 Online Casinos You Can Trust

Online casinos have several features that tell us whether or not they can be trusted. Looking for them all can be a pain, more so if you’re a novice. Here is a list of five of the best online casinos in Canada.

Name Bonus Games Licence
Gaming Club C$1200 1500+ Kahnawake Gaming Commission 
Euro Palace C$1200  1500+ Malta Gaming Authority
Ruby Fortune C$1200  1500+ Malta Gaming Authority
Jackpot City C$1200 1500+ Malta Gaming Authority
All Slots Casino C$1200 1500+ Malta Gaming Authority

How Does Casino Zeus Pick the Cherries?

There are several distinguishing features of an excellent casino that may be examined and appreciated. In light of this, we have decided to share with you a couple of ideas that sprang straight from Olexiy Ivanov. This is so that you understand which online casinos in Canada are worth your time and money and which ones aren’t, given the enormous number now available. By adhering to them, you can tell the real casinos in Canada from the scams!

  • https://casinozeus.net/ checks to ensure the casino is licensed by a reliable regulating authority. 
  • Does the casino work with reliable software providers for its platform, games, and banking systems? 
  • Good bonuses and regular marketing promotions are a sign of a constantly updated casino. Are these available in the casino?
  • Casino Zeus also checks the response time of customer service and how many ways we have to contact them. If they don’t respond quickly, you should walk away from the casino despite other green flags. You don’t want to be dealing with a slow helpline when you’re anxious about withdrawing rewards! 
  • Is the casino SSL encrypted? A simple way to spot safety on a website is to look for a padlock on the URL. Additionally, an ‘HTTPS’ is also a good sign.
  • Casino Zeus doesn’t just check the casino inside and out; they also go through customer reviews to see what common bugs the casino has. Are they active on these forums, and have they taken any initiatives to fix them? Ideally, the best casinos online in Canada should, shouldn’t they?

Dealing with Addiction

Gambling, like any other form of escape, can and will be abused by some. It doesn’t mean the addicts are bad people, but it only means that they need help. They don’t notice how it is affecting their mental and physical health, along with the parts of their lives that crumble around them. 

But that’s not always true. Addiction, in any shape or form, can be helped. All you need is a little motivation and support. Cssa.ca provides several options for receiving therapy, and the best online casinos in Canada offer a self-exclusion system that you can voluntarily opt for. This will allow you to cap the time and money you spend at a casino.


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