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Careers In Design-Home Trends Magazine

Do you have a creative side and passion for style, design and fashion? One of these career paths may be perfect for you!

interior design

Interior design and decoration
Do you like relocating furniture around your home, planning refurbishment projects, and arranging rooms? The career that decorates your home may be just that! The Cut Fashion Academy Home Decoration Certificate Program teaches students the world of interior decoration and how designers create creative and functional spaces. Learn the basic elements and principles of interior design. Guides the design and decoration process from concept to completion for both residential and commercial projects. Students will learn how to create different spatial concepts while discovering how proportions, scales, colors and patterns create harmony in design. Learn how to observe, evaluate, and make informed design decisions through internal space analysis and class discussions. Students create dynamic inspiration and presentation boards to support ideas and concepts. Next, you’ll learn how to apply your ideas through space planning and furniture selection.


Fashion design
Do you have an eye on fashion and like to create new looks? The fashion industry is full of rewarding career opportunities! The Cut Fashion Academy offers a wide variety of fashion courses to help you get started. Whether you’re launching your own line, exploring new career directions, or adding new skills to enhance your favorite hobbies, you’ll also have full-time, part-time, and even online course options. I can do it. Explore pattern making, improve your sewing skills, learn how fashion is sold, create 3D fashion models, and learn how to make costumes for movies and TV! Choose the diploma, certificate, or part-time course that suits your needs!

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Canadian Home Trends Magazine offers private tours of the most fascinating homes and condos across Canada. Inspire from accessible upholstery products, trend reports, simple yet stylish DIY projects and much more. Every issue, tools to recreate the designer space you’ve always dreamed of staying at home, thorough remodeling and design advice, color palette and furniture combinations, and the perfect place to shop in Canada. Given.

Careers In Design-Home Trends Magazine

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