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Canmore runners take podium at Flagstaff Skypeaks

canmore, alberta Sam Hendry This weekend I was on the podium with the best skyrunners in the world. Hendry, 23, is on the University of Utah’s ski team and has an accomplished skiing background.

After finishing as Canada’s top at Sierre Zinal At a race in Switzerland earlier this year, he plunged into an incredibly deep field of talented athletes at Saturday’s Flagstaff Skypeaks 26K Golden Trail World Series (GTWS) race. This is the first year that the Flagstaff Skypeaks 26K event, touted as Arizona’s premier footrace, was part of his GTWS. Affectionately known as the ‘Quad Burner’, the ski resort runs from the beginning up to 3505 meters above sea level.

Hendry cut through a deep field of famous mountain runners to finish third in 1:59:54. Eli Hemming who ran in 1:58:26. swiss sky runner Remy Bonnet Just a week after winning the Pike’s Peak Ascent (GTWS event), he won the race in 1:53:47.

I caught up with Hendry after the race.

Photo: Jody Zaragoza

Congrats! How did it feel to run such a stellar race against difficult competition?

Flagstaff was really nice. After Sierre Zinal, I had the best training for the season, so I was ready for the race.Never thought I’d run away from a big name Francesco Puppi When Daniel Osanz But I tried to use surprise as my motivation.

Sam Hendry and the Flagstaff Skypeaks podium
Photo: Jody Zaragoza

I know skiing is your main sport (and you’re obviously good at it). Were you always a runner in the offseason?

I’ve always loved running and especially being in the mountains, but I didn’t start racing until last summer. That’s when I started running at Cirque Series events here in the US. GTWS this summer. It was a lot of fun, so I would like to continue!

Are there any other races planned for this season?

I have to decide now if I can go to Madeira for the finals or if it’s too close to the ski season, but it’s really nice to end the year with a stage race in such a cool place. You can ride from this weekend.

Sam Hendry at Flagstaff Skypeaks
Photo: Jody Zaragoza

Hendry is a Canadian name to watch out for, especially if you decide to run the Madeira Ocean and Trails Stage Race (the final GTWS five-day stage race).

There were some familiar names on the podium at the Flagstaff Skypeaks 26K Women’s race, including the Swiss-based Skyrunner. Nienke Brinkmann 2:11:43 won, followed by American Sophie Laukri At 2:12:56.fellow US runners Ally McLaughlin beat the famous Maude Matisse 3rd in 2:14:05 for Switzerland.

For full Flagstaff Skypeaks results, head hereFor more information on the Golden Trail World Series, please visit our website. here.

Canmore runners take podium at Flagstaff Skypeaks

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