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Canadian pop newcomer Jessia hits new heights

Her motivational melodies have captivated fans across the country, as well as luminaries in the industry.

Jessia’s rise to fame is a modern TikTokky twist on the classic Cinderella story. Last year was a particularly tough time for the Vancouver-based vocalist. She lost her service job and all her music gigs because of COVID.”I was using up my savings just to survive,” she says. Jessia was sitting in her car the day she recorded a clip of her that sent her into the viral realm. “Maybe I’m not pretty, maybe I’m just fun, she ’cause I’ve got a belly and I’ve got an ass,” she sang. handle. within hours, The clip has surpassed 1 million views on Tick ​​tock. “I thought there was something wrong with the system.” she remembers

Fame has come a long way for Jessia, who is set to perform at the Liflandia Music Festival in Victoria on September 18th. Jessica Herring was born to a music teacher mother, she started singing at the age of 2 and when she was 11 she started writing her own songs. Her clip of her in-car karaoke soon caught the attention of her fellow Canadian pop artist Elijah Woods, who offered to complete her song with her. The final result, “I’m Not Pretty,” racked up her 25 million views within a month of its release.

Jessia’s lyrics incorporate emotional themes such as lost love and body dysmorphia. “I think everyone has struggled with their body at some point,” she says. “Society brainwashes us into wanting things we can’t have.” I received your message.

Jessia has also found an ally in Grammy-winning singer and producer Ryan Tedder, whom he reached out via DM and after a Zoom meeting last October signed with Republic Records and announced that his band will be working on the project. We brought her along as the opening act for our 22-city European tour. this spring. In May, Jessia took a break from touring to attend the Juno Awards, where she won Breakthrough Artist of the Year. “I FaceTimed her with my family at the airport. They celebrated for me,” she says.

The Grammys are the next big thing, but until then, a good live performance will suffice to keep Jessia going. “I’m so happy to finally be able to finish her work as an artist in Pandemic,” she says. “It’s so cool to see people sing my lyrics back to me.”


Jessia and pop quiz

Artistic influence: Sarah McLachlan, Paramore, Christina Aguilera. “I was also into Aerosmith and Metallica when I was in high school.”

To repeat: “Skinny Dipping” by Sabrina Carpenter

Exploring after hours: “Check out the speakeasies and small restaurants and get lost.”

Dream venue: Red Rocks Amphitheater in Colorado

Juno Storage: “I might sleep on the shelf in the living room, or next to it every night.”

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Canadian pop newcomer Jessia hits new heights

Source link Canadian pop newcomer Jessia hits new heights

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