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Canadian Home launches user-centric real estate app with unique features, Canadian Business Journal

TORONTO, Nov. 15, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The Canadian Home has launched a smart, interactive app that users can download for free to buy, sell, or rent Ontario real estate. The app was created to help Ontarians stay well-informed about property details and provide an easy-to-use and convenient platform to keep an eye on the market, especially in the early stages of exploration. rice field.

Manoj Karatha, Director of The Canadian Home said: “Users are benefiting from industry-first features that provide real-time property status updates and even allow them to instantly connect with friends, family and real estate professionals within the app.”

Powered by artificial intelligence (AI) technology, the new app can explore millions of properties within seconds across Ontario, search multiple properties simultaneously in different cities, predict property estimates, and Provides users with an opportunity to perform searches based on User preferences, such as searching for properties near top schools.

Users can also enjoy the added convenience of easily scheduling screenings and finding open houses available in multiple locations.A dedicated in-app chat feature allows users to select properties and chat with people who will be part of the buying and selling process. Users receive real-time notifications about property updates (sold or closed listings, price increases or decreases), especially for properties on their chat list or added as favorites. Buyers, sellers, and investors will benefit from up to 20 years of real estate history, accurate home valuations, and the ability to chat real-time with real estate experts about real estate-related details.

The Canadian Home CEO Robin Cherian said: “This app is a game-changer in providing consumers with access to in-depth market information typically only available through real estate agents. , made it possible for us to give you the information you need to easily acquire your ideal property.”

Learn more about the features of the Canadian Home app here. The Canadian Home app is free to download from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

About Canadian Home Realty
Canadian Home Realty Inc. is your one-stop solution for all your real estate needs. Founded in 2022, the company aims to simplify and expand the technological boundaries of the real estate space with a customer-centric approach. Canadians can buy, sell and rent properties of their choice using a smart, interactive platform powered by AI technology. The Canadian Home app offers the fastest MLS listings, accurate home quotes, the ability to search for vacant homes, in-app chat to connect with family, friends, real estate professionals, and other first-of-its-kind features to help Enhance your home buying and selling experience. For more information, visit thecanadianhome.com.

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Canadian Home launches user-centric real estate app with unique features, Canadian Business Journal

Source link Canadian Home launches user-centric real estate app with unique features, Canadian Business Journal

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