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Canadian company creates new respirator masks

New top-of-the-line respirator masks are on the market to protect essential workers, including healthcare workers, from COVID-19 and other airborne diseases. Canadian company Vitacore has received approval for his CAN99 9500 ventilator from the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH).

NIOSH N95 ® certification was granted after evaluating the performance of breathability and particulate filtration efficiency. Vitacore was also rated for consistency in its manufacturing process.

In the United States, N95 respirators are recommended for respiratory protection against airborne particles and pathogens. Approval from NIOSH paves the way for workers in Canada and the United States to use his N95® ventilators from Vitacore.

Canadian company creates new respirator masks

Source link Canadian company creates new respirator masks

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