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Canadian Business Journal Southland Announces Expansion to Build Advanced Manufacturing Plant in Alberta

LESSBRIDGE, Alberta, Oct. 4, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Lethbridge County has been selected by Southland Trailers as the location for its new manufacturing facility. The expansion comes from his $2.06 million increase from rural Alberta’s Investment Growth Fund (IGF).

The 85,000-square-foot advanced manufacturing plant in Lethbridge County will create 250 new jobs over the next three years, building on its existing strong workforce of 380 people. The new facility will integrate robotic processes that will allow Southland to double its production capacity of cargo trailers from 20 to 41 per day.

A family-owned Alberta company, Southland Trailers has grown to become one of North America’s largest trailer manufacturers.Southland’s Southern Alberta Expansion Reinforces Southland’s Commitment to Alberta and Enhances Alberta’s Innovative Lead in Manufacturing

Today’s announcement is the result of close collaboration between Southland, County of Lethbridge, the Government of Alberta and Invest Alberta to drive economic development in the region.

“Southland Trailer Corporation is excited to work with the Government of Alberta on this new expansion. The new jobs provided by this expansion will help boost Lethbridge’s economy and provide more opportunities for the people of Lethbridge. We look forward to welcoming you to Southland Trailer Corp.”

  • Monty Sailer, Southland Trailers President and CEO

“Many companies ready to invest in new projects are looking for a positive signal of commitment and support from the government. It shows serious investors that high-impact investments that create jobs are a top priority for the state.”

  • Tanya Farr, Minister for Jobs, Economy and Innovation

“This investment is great news for our state and a prime example of the important role rural areas play in our economy. We look forward to making more exciting and innovative investments in Alberta businesses outside of our large metropolitan area.”

  • Nate Horner Minister for Agriculture, Forestry and Rural Economic Development

“Rural Alberta is the economic engine of the province, so it is great news that the government has announced an additional $5 million to attract investment and growth to rural communities. Supporting innovation, economic diversification and job creation in rural areas, and the prominence of rural Alberta as a key investment destination for companies seeking a strong workforce and an ambitious local government partner will increase further.

  • Paul McLauchlin, President of Alberta Local Government

“Southland Trailers is a success story in Alberta and its expansion is a testament to the investment and growth opportunities in Alberta. It’s another example of high-impact, high-value investments in Alberta that support society and grow Alberta’s innovative manufacturing dominance.”

  • Invest Alberta CEO Rick Christianse said:

About Southland

Southland Trailer Corp. is a family owned business founded in 1980. Currently in the Lethbridge area he employs 380 people. Southland Trailer Corp. is an incubator where innovative ideas flourish and flourish as they strive to adapt to market fluctuations and consumer demands. At Southland, we are innovators, entrepreneurs, creators and designers. A major advantage that Southland Trailer Corp. has over other facilities is the ability to manufacture in-house. This allows you to “think outside the box” when designing or improving your product. Minimizing outsourcing means more control over the production process and immediate implementation of customer feedback during the prototyping stage. At Southland, our purpose is to ’empower people to do better’ and we do this by following a set of core values ​​to continually grow and improve our company. Respect for all individuals, Leading with humility, Open communication, Positive attitude, Hard work, Continuous improvement and Calculated risk taking are the core values ​​that have built our company and will continue to build.

For more information, please visit www.southlandtrailers.com.

About Invest Alberta

Invest Alberta is dedicated to attracting investment, with a mission to engage the world and provide high-end, customized support to companies, investors and major new projects. With team members in key markets around the world, Invest Alberta works to remove barriers so that investors and companies can launch, scale and succeed without limits.

For more information, please visit www.investalberta.ca.

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Canadian Business Journal Southland Announces Expansion to Build Advanced Manufacturing Plant in Alberta

Source link Canadian Business Journal Southland Announces Expansion to Build Advanced Manufacturing Plant in Alberta

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