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Canadian Business Journal FOUR20, one of Alberta’s largest cannabis retailers, opens in Ontario

TORONTO, ON, Sept. 22, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — FOUR20 announced the opening of its first store in Ontario, based in Kitchener, a city in southeastern Ontario. The opening is the first step in FOUR20’s expansion into the Ontario market, focused on providing accessible cannabis education, improving the customer experience and developing a confident Battender sales force.

“The company has experienced exponential growth in Alberta since its inception, and the FOUR20 team is excited to expand into new provinces, and we are very excited that Kitchener will be the first location to open in Ontario. “Our goal is to continue to invest in our customers to provide cannabis transparency, education, accessibility and inclusiveness through the best in-store experiences.”

According to The Globe & Mail, the Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS) commented that cannabis consumers favored in-store shopping, with only 4% of retail sales coming through the OCS website. . FOUR20 has created programs designed for the cannabis community that nurture strong relationships in the industry, provide a trusted source of information for customers, and curate an inclusive environment.

Aligned with the company’s values ​​of accountability, community, innovation and service, FOUR20 has built an industry-leading education platform for its employees. This will be implemented in all new locations. The platform includes education on the latest product innovations and essential cannabis knowledge to ensure customers have the best in-store shopping experience.

In the company’s quest to continue providing first-class cannabis education to its customers, FOUR20 brought cannabis experts to the executive team. Vice President of Advocacy and Education, Dr. Ifhe Aviola, said in 2016 he joined the 420 Clinic and has become a recognized authority on the scientific and medical applications of cannabis. “Giving our battenders access to education is of paramount importance, as education is at the forefront of our corporate philosophy,” says Dr. Ife Abiola. “We have strengthened our product knowledge and understand the regulations required to be successful in retail cannabis outlets in Canada.”

With FOUR20’s expansion to Ontario, the company continues to provide accessible cannabis education to the masses. As a retailer designed for the cannabis community, FOUR20’s new location is the beginning of a journey within Ontario that offers a best-in-class retail experience.


About Fortwo: Our motto has always been the same – we approach cannabis in a socially responsible way, ensuring that we provide consumers with the best products, information and customer service to guide their cannabis experience. A learner, a caring community member, and a changemaker. We are a company committed to developing passionate individuals who are willing to take on new industries with enthusiasm and a strong desire to learn. I hope you have a little fun in the process.

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Canadian Business Journal FOUR20, one of Alberta’s largest cannabis retailers, opens in Ontario

Source link Canadian Business Journal FOUR20, one of Alberta’s largest cannabis retailers, opens in Ontario

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