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Canadian Army Run celebrates anniversary with triumphant return

Sunday, November 6th was a special day for the Canadian capital as the Canadian Army Run returned for the first time in three years. For 15 years, runners from all over Canada have gathered at Army Run, canadian army community and their families.

2022 Canadian Forces Launch in Ottawa

The Canadian Army Run aims to unite Canadians and the Canadian military in a spirit of friendship and community. This is an opportunity for the military to convey their military pride to Canadians and thank them for their continued support. It will also be an opportunity.

Governor General of Canada, Mary Simon, gave the opening remarks before the run began. Over 10,000 runners participated in in-person and virtual events hosting 5K, 10K and his 5K/10K Challenge.

“Whether you’re running the 5K, the 10K, or you’re just here to cheer on your family and neighbors, your generosity, your coming out, and the people united in kindness,” the governor said. Thank you for showing us what the community can do at times,” said the governor. He said.

canadian army run
Governor General Mary Simon of Canada delivers speech and silence at 2022 Canadian Army Run

The execution was scheduled for September 18th, but was postponed after Queen Elizabeth’s death.

This year, the Canadian Army Run celebrated the achievements of 100 participants with visible and invisible conditions and injuries. All participants in this category were recognized prior to mass start.

Many runners wore poppies to remember and show respect and support to all those who served.

The race started on Laurier Avenue in front of Ottawa’s City Hall, then made its way downtown through Remembrance Row, a memorial to Canada’s fallen soldiers. Both the 5K race and his 10K race ended at the War Memorial on Wellington Street.

It is here full result From the 2022 Canadian Army Run.

Canadian Army Run celebrates anniversary with triumphant return

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