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Canada’s Victoria Brown crowned women’s 48-hour world champion

Whitby, Ontario Victoria Brown I took the lead again. At his 2022 inaugural Multi-Day Ultrarunner Global Organization (GOMU) 48-Hour World Championship event in Hainesport, New Jersey, the skilled endurance athlete won the women’s (and 2nd place overall). The race was run on a sanctioned 0.9913-mile (1.59 km) flat paved road and runs parallel to his 100-mile, 24-hour and his 12-hour events at Hainesport from September 3-5. was held.

Photo: Instagram/Victoria Brown

Brown was already a world-ranked and accomplished triathlete when he ran his first ultra in 2020. That Dam HillShe decided to enter the race only after all other races for that season had been cancelled, and not only did she win the race outright, but she also set a course record and a new women’s Canadian soil record (210 at the time). km) has been set.Both of these records were obtained by her fellow Ontarian Amanda Nelsonbut Brown has won numerous other multi-day records, including women’s Canadian 48-hour and world 72-hour records, at 353.86 km and 467 km, respectively.

Victoria Brown GOMU 2022
Photo credit: Victoria Brown

I caught up with Brown after the event. The weather for the race was unusually hot and humid, creating challenges for some athletes. But in Brown’s case, it was breathing issues that kept him from reaching his goals.

“I loved being in this race, but 48 hours is so long and anything can happen, so it was far from smooth sailing,” explained Brown. “I caught a mild cold before attending the event and I think that caused all the problems. close the airway 20:00. His final 28 hours of the race were power walks. ”

28 hours is quite a power walk! Was it a skill you worked on?

It was impossible to run, but the power walk was enough to get me there! Ironically, the week before the event, I spoke with a US racewalker friend. Yolanda Holder And I asked her to recommend a book to help with the famous slow walk. The Complete Guide to Competitive Walking, To Dave McGovern. Just 5 days before this race, I tried the power walking technique recommended in the book. If I hadn’t read that book, I wouldn’t be the world champion today.

Victoria Brown 48 Hour GOMU
Photo credit: Victoria Brown

As far as multi-day races go, what is your favorite race length?

This is a difficult question.I think so 72 hours event There are two main reasons. You cannot hold a 48 hour world record. It’s just not fast enough. But in a 72-hour event, top speed and V02 max are of little importance. This seems like the shortest race.

Second, you can’t go 72 hours without sleep, so you’ll have to develop some sleep strategy even if it’s just a nap. You can survive a 48 hour race without sleep. At the same time, 72 hours isn’t as long as his six-day race, so mentally it’s still understandable.

Trishul Cherns and Victoria Brown
Trishul Cherns (GOMU President) and Brown Photo courtesy of Viktoria Brown

How do you recover from a race like this?

This recovery is a little different than my usual few days recovery. My calf is completely broken from walking too much. I have to roll them a lot, use some muscle recovery products and eat a lot of protein. They take the longest to recover, and there’s not much you can do other than take cough medicine, use an inhaler, and give them time.

The last important thing I do is incorporate Electrolytes, a huge amount of them. This prevents swelling in the legs and other parts of the body. I want to get back to light exercise, cycling and swimming as much as possible. I won’t be able to breathe enough to swim for a while, so I prioritize cycling.

Mongolian Bujargarh Byamba
Men’s champions Bujargal Byamba and Victoria Brown of Mongolia.Photo credit: Victoria Brown

You have had an incredible season! what’s next?

Next up is the Kona Ironman World Championships in October. I’m really looking forward to it. Then we’ll close out the year with another Ironman and Desert Solstice 24 Hours race. My big goal next year is to keep up with that 6-day performance and run the 48-hour and 6-day GOMU World Championships and the 24-hour IAU World Championships. Badwater 135 and return to Kona.

Bujargarh Byamba Mongolia’s was the men’s world champion and first overall with 209 loops, or 333.43 km. Lisa Devona Finished as the second woman at 312.69 km.Learn more about events here.

Canada’s Victoria Brown crowned women’s 48-hour world champion

Source link Canada’s Victoria Brown crowned women’s 48-hour world champion

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