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Canada’s top results at the 2022 Berlin Marathon

maybe the fan is stuck Eliud Kipchogeof New world record successful alongside Ethiopian runners at Sunday’s Berlin Marathon Tigist AsefaIn addition to being the third fastest women’s marathon in history (an incredible 19-minute PR), hundreds of Canadians ran the fast and beautiful Berlin course. Here’s how the top Canadians finished.

Callum Neff He became the first Canadian finisher with a time of 2:21:47. Neff is known for holding three Guinness World Records for his stroller running, and he is headed to Thailand for the World Championships in November at the 2022 Mountain and Trail Running in Canada. I am part of the team.Based in Katy, Texas, he is an American athlete Keira D’Amato She broke her U.S. Women’s Marathon record and won the 2022 Houston Marathon.

Natasha Wodak Finishing a few minutes behind Neff, she set a new Canadian women’s record and the second fastest women’s world master’s 40+ time in 2:23:12. Wodak finished 12th in a surprisingly competitive women’s race, where she ran a negative split, putting her under 72:20 in the first half and 72:00 in the second half of the race.

Photo credit: Victor Cyler, PhotoRun

Stanley Chason Bear River’s PEI was the third Canadian to cross the line in 2:25:45. Chaisson won his 2022 Fredrickton NB his marathon, setting a new course record in 2:29:20 and achieving a long-time personal goal of running a marathon under 2:30:00 (He achieved it in Berlin).

Fredricton Marathon winner Stanley Chason

top canadian men

Callum Neff 2:21:47 (9 on M35)
Stanley Chason 2:25:45 (5 on M40)
Francois Landry 2:31:09 (8 on M45)
Dominic Royer 2:37:13
Jonathan Walker 2:37:25
Kent Burgess 2:38:53
eaton seagrave 2:41:36
Alex Kutrenko 2:43:24
Mike Kirkland 2:43:30
Pierre Bouley 2:44:00 (4th in M55)

top canadian women

Natasha Wodak 2:23:12 (1 on W40)
Brittany Moran 2:35:42 (3rd in W35)
Emma Thompson 2:54:29
April Cockshat 2:54:30
Veronique Leboeuf 2:55:34
Kathleen Lawrence 2:57:01
Kimberly Brown 2:57:55
Britney Benoit 3:01:45
Stephanie McGregor 3:04:14

You can find the full results of the 2022 Berlin Marathon here.

Canada’s top results at the 2022 Berlin Marathon

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