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Canada’s Forest Trust Appoints First Board Members to Canadian Business Journal Education Advisory Board

OTTAWA, Nov. 10, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The Forest Trust of Canada (CFT) is the first member to join the Educational Advisory Board (EAB) chaired by Tam Matthews, former Principal of West Point Gray Academy. announced the appointment. He also served as the former President of the Canadian Accredited Independent Schools (CAIS). Joining Tam are DoorNumberOne.org Co-Founder and Executive His Director Michelle Andrews and Pazziagarde, Principal of the Ottawa-Carleton District School Board and current President of the Ontario Principals’ Council.

Research is clear. Youth climate anxiety is on the rise – in his CAMH survey of her 2,225 students in grades 7 through 12 in Ontario, 50% said they were worried about climate change. , it became clear that this made them feel depressed about their future. CFT’s School Smart Forests program provides students with the opportunity to take action on climate change to reduce climate anxiety and have a lasting impact on the planet.

EAB supports the School Smart Forest program, which develops world-class opportunities for schools, students, teachers, and administrators to combat climate change and develop unique leadership skills. Tam, Michelle, and Patsy combine a wealth of knowledge in the field of education with a passion for the environment and student engagement, making them valuable additions to the CFT Advisory team.

“We are honored to welcome Michelle and Patsy’s expertise to our Education Advisory Board. Their additional passion and expertise will be critical to the long-term growth of the School Smart Forest program,” said Tam Matthews. said. “I look forward to leading the board and working with our members to increase the program’s impact on students, schools and communities across Canada.”

“The EAB influences every aspect of CFT’s programming. With the addition of some of Canada’s most respected education experts, the CFT will provide young people across Canada with leadership opportunities on climate change. We are building a strong advisory board to facilitate it.”

As the CFT continues to expand its forests, programs, and impact on the planet, we invite primary and secondary educators interested in joining our board to submit their resumes. [email protected].

Meet an Advisor:

Tam Matthews I have a long history in private schools as a student, teacher, school administrator and principal. After her five years in international banking, Tam began her teaching career as a history teacher at her Upper Canadian College and later served as her Director of Guidance Associate. In 1989, he became Director of Admissions at Lakefield College School.

From 1996 to 2019 Tam was Principal of Albert College, Ashbury College and West Point Gray Academy. Tam retired in 2019 to start an educational consulting business focused on independent school leadership, management and governance.

Tam has served on numerous school and community boards, is past chair of the Canadian Accredited Independent Schools (CAIS) and the Association of Independent Schools of British Columbia (ISABC), and sits on the board of directors of the Canadian Olympic Committee. did. He is also a three-time Olympian.

Michelle Andrews Co-Founder and Executive Director of DoorNumberOne.org. DoorNumberOne.org is a non-profit organization working to provide practical inspiration for the transition to a just, beautifully regenerated world. Michele leads the Climate Action Accelerator Program for her K-12 schools in Canada. Now in its second year, the program engages senior administrators, faculty, facilities, student leaders and others to learn together, engage with the community, transform schools into hubs of climate change inspiration and promote climate change action. Share what you learn as a leader with the world. K-12 sector.

Michèle holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree from Queen’s University and a Master of Education degree from OISE/University of Toronto. She has worked in strategy, leadership and organizational development for the private and non-profit sectors. She was the principal administrator of her Waldorf Her School in Toronto, a private school from pre-kindergarten through her twelfth grade. She is a volunteer ambassador for the International Living Future Institute, a member of Al Gore’s Climate Reality Project Leadership Corps, and an organizer for her community.

Patsy Agard I have been involved in public education for over 30 years. She first started teaching on the Peel District School Board, then she moved to the Toronto Board, where she spent 17 years as a teacher, vice-principal, and principal. Patsy then moved to Ottawa as principal, where she opened her Board’s first 7-12 school, Longfields She Davidson Her Heights. Prior to her secondment as President of the Ontario Principals’ Council (OPC), she served as Principal of Lisgar College, the oldest school in eastern Ontario.

Patsy began working with the OPC as a state counselor and later served as co-chair of Ottawa’s Bytown Association. She was a member of the state legislature and a member of the state executive branch before beginning her term as president of the state.

About the Canadian Forest Trust
The Forest Trust of Canada (CFT) is a social enterprise that provides nature-based solutions to capture carbon dioxide by building smart forests™. CFT’s mission is to work with program participants – businesses, schools, non-profits, charities, communities, indigenous communities and individuals – to grow, protect and conserve millions of acres of forests around the world. . Our Forever Forest Guarantee™ ensures that all smart forests are measured, monitored and maintained according to industry-leading afforestation practices. Smart forests sequester CO2, restore ecosystems, engage indigenous communities, and promote a green economy. A smart forest is a smart investment for you and the planet.

Media contact:
Taylor Piotrowski, Marketing and Communications Manager
[email protected]

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Canada’s Forest Trust Appoints First Board Members to Canadian Business Journal Education Advisory Board

Source link Canada’s Forest Trust Appoints First Board Members to Canadian Business Journal Education Advisory Board

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